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October 5-7, 2001 [Gaming on Saturday the 6th]
There will be Fireworks and food (read pizza) at Marion's house Friday the 5th at dusk.  If you want beer, bring it, I carry none.  If you are under 21 and want beer, go to a state that allows it.  If you are consuming alchohol at my place when I launch the fireworks, stay away from me, unless you want a huge rocket up your <snip>.
Anyone interested in a Corn maze?  Wanna pet a Llama?
Renting a room at Node's School, Watertown, WI.  Bring your own pc, monitors will be provided.
FREE!. Sound good?  Looks like Node and I will be picking up the cost on this one.  Donations will be accepted however.  I was thinking about everyone throwing some cash to a prize for the best players of each game for the day, yes, no?  Or at least a good arm-bruising.
I the following from EVERYONE coming:
1. Your name.  Quake nick, and real name.
2. Age, Address and contact info (if under 18, parents information)
3. Transportation.  When will you be arriving/departing.  How will you be arriving/departing.  Will you be arriving/departing with anyone else?
4. Accommodations.  Where will you be sleeping?  I will be getting hotel info finished this week with rates.
5. What games/mods would you like to play?  Currently the games that will be played are Quake (CTF, Arena+), Quake III, Diablo, Unreal Tourny, Tribes 2, and Serious Sam.

This is an email I just received from Node-

The main event will be on Saturday the 6th. I will have the doors open at 9 am. I will also be setting up the room on Friday after 4pm and you are all welcome to bring your pc's then to get set up. There will be 17" monitors available and network cables are already there. Bring your box, your games, and no-doze as this promises to be an event that you don't want to miss.
More info to follow,


Fill in the blanks here.

Name (Nick/Real) Age and Contact Info Transportation Accommodations Game Preferences
Marionberry-CB x x x x
Poisonberry-CB x x x x
Holyberry-CB x x x x
Waxberry-CB x x x x
Whiteberry-CB x x x x
Boysen-CB x x x x
Apocolypse x x x x
Sinister x x x x
crillix x x x x
remmy -sq- x x x x
Noderunner x x x x
Doors x x x x
Soriddo x x x x
Caveat x x x x
Raijin x x x x
SouDou x x x x
Shutendoji x x x x
Nurikabe x x x x
Fuzzy x x x x
and others...        

Hotel Info:

Hotel Information Rates Location
Baymont Inn Baymont Inn $59-$89 Map
Super 8 Super 8 $34-$63 Map
*Holy came up with a slogan for this year's LanFest...

[16:29] <Holy-CB> "even if you win, you're still f**king retarded"