3/31 - 10:15a | boysen
The big "Wh00p! Wh00p!" for today is that the Kentucky Wildcats have won their 2nd NCAA Championship in 3 years! 7th Overall, second only to dreaded UCLA. I'm happy to the point of tears. Strawberry rune Don't expect me to be berry effective on the playing field for the next week or so.

Also, Dirty sends in the lastest iteration of the Strawberry rune. Does it spin? Does it spin?
3/30 - 11:10a | boysen
Added a couple of screens to our practice directory. Also, i'd like some feedback concerning new bio pages. I want them to be fun but also have the information you find useful when visiting other clan sites.

Poor Tax was the only berry present at last nights first official Sunday practice. So everyone be especially nice to him as we all know..."One is the lonliest number that you'll ever know..."

Last but not least, my beloved Cats are in the championship game tonight and if i find out that you were cheering for the Utes you'll be squished into bad wine. Got it?
3/28 - 12:40p | boysen
Thumbing thru the latest issue of CGW i saw our buddy Cherry referenced as the co-creator of a Quake bind. Way to go buddy!

Matt Cornell is famous

Also, don't forget to pull for UK in tonights game against Stanford! Go Cats!
3/27 - 2:50p | boysen
At the request of Poison, i've created another "official" clanberries button. Feel free to grab it and use it to your pit's content. (I'm guessing the the pit is the berries equivalent to the heart.)
3/27 - 11:35a | boysen
Intro page done! Whaddya think?
Strawberry model 3/27 - 10:15a | boysen
Dirty sends in the screen of his new Strawberry Rune model. The texture needs some work but just think, once you grab *this* rune you'll be 1) amazingly powerful, 2) full of life and vigor and 3) incredibly attractive to members of the opposite sex.
3/26 - 3:00p | boysen
The new site is here! The new site is here! I am somebody! ("The Jerk" movie reference.) The site looks best in IE4, then N4, then IE3+ and lastly N3+ so go get a 4+ browser joo!
3/25 - 9:50a | boysen
Only a fair turn-out at last nights practice and the MIT boys were both outta town so we scavenged for servers and played a bit. Then scrimmed EQ. My bind didn't get the scores in it's screenshot so my screens of the scrimm are lame. Cool, you have them? <grin>
3/24 - 11:55a | boysen
Got practice? We do. Tonight! 6-9 EST. Also, LoC is putting together a USA vs. Canada match. Should be fun!
3/23 - 10:30a | boysen
It was sooooo great! UK beat Duke last night! Whoop Whoop! Read all about it.
3/19 - 9:30a | Wax
You're probably wondering how many days of school I friggin miss. This would be number 10. I'm not really sick, I'm being bad and skipping. Mom and my sisters are coming back from Vegas today, and dad is off at work, so I decided (Mwahaha) that I'd just take my own little vacation. Enough of that. Clan news time. Hmm...Since I haven't seen a berry in 2 days, I don't know about any news. Hey our clan got a little section about the WWIV on the Cyber Sports Network.
3/17 - 4:05p | Wax
Nothing going on, Practice is tonight, be there or be like Boysen, and have kids which is almost a good excuse for missing practice. =)
3/16 - 11:51p | Wax
Goof and KB have left CB. CB wishes them luck in their Quake adventures.
3/16 - 5:55p | Wax
Hmmm...nothing much going on. Guess Boysen is still busy with the little berry. Doesn't matter, we don't have too much going on. Practice tomorrow. LPB's first match for The DMCTF is Western Alliance. Oh Goody! HPB's first match is is with Clan Red Dragon. First map is of course DM1: The Place of Two Deaths. Weird name, guess when they named it they both killed each other at the same time or something. Oh well. I gave that about a week in advance so that gives us some setting up time. Well, any other news E-mail me. I'm tired and going to bed. Being ill sucks.
3/15 - 10:35a | Wax
More news. Hehe. I'm just a ton of information today. The DMCTF tournament begins on March 22, both our HPB and LPB squads are entered so hop on over and see what we gotta do. Also I refuse to play in this tournament, due to the fact that I hate the DM levels. That is all.
3/15 - 10:15a | Wax
Well Boysen is at it again: While in his secret chemical lab, Boysen conjured up a 5 lb 7 oz berry named Benjamin Dean Pryor. w00p w00p! He came to the patch at 1:19 this morning and his flight was 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Hmm...I'm dumb. Well, since Boysen had a kid, this only means one thing...More news updates by me! Hehe. In other news WWIV is over, and I've (Wax) already started on WWV: DungoBerry's Remix. Lots more to come and even a page since I'm a slacker. Welp, this news will probably be up for like an hour or so, until Boysen decides to update it and all my news updates are whacked.
3/13 - 11:00a | boysen
I've posted the inaugural Top 8 list--Top8 reasons why you know you play too much CTF.
3/13 - 10:00a | boysen
Well, my bad fellas. I updated the roster page but lost my brain on the way to uploading it. It be up now. ;-)

Also, i was out all day Tuesday and Thursday and today my b-ball team (UK) is playing so i'll be gone again but never fear...i'll be back real soon...and stronger than ever...well rested and full of verve!
3/12 - 4:10p | Wax
Welp, since Boysen isn't around, I (Wax) took the liberty of updating the news. Dirty is going on vacation and we all hope he has fun in Cali. Tomorrow the Spill The Berries WWIV tournament begins. We need at least 3 LPB berries to be around non-stop over the weekend. I want to Coolwhip (on his dad's computer), Mul, and a berry to be named later. Here is a note to everyone: Don't lend out your Quake CD, you'll never believe how many errors come along when it's away. I think that I'm going to take over the news, this is kind of fun. Muahaha.
3/10 - 8:10a | boysen
Big news, the toxic enzyme himself has procreated and produced a baby! Haven't heard any details but, i'm berry happy for Poison's first child. Hip, hip, horray! Also, added Taxberry to the roster page in case you need to email him with questions about the tax code before April 15. ;-)
3/10 - 8:10a | boysen
Practice is still on tonight (6-9) and we'll have a brand new member--Taxberry! Please make him feel welcome. I won't be able to make it because i'm having my new Turbo Bidet 2000 installed tonight. 8^0
3/9 - 3:15p | boysen
CB's new site debuts at cb.gibbed.com.
3/9 - 10:10a | boysen
Another frustrating time of haggling with CSD trying to get the match played. Split the first 2 maps and didn't play the third. More news to come on that topic later. Also, the site redesign is coming along. I need to convert alot of material so please bear with me. 8^)
3/4 - 2:00p | boysen
I've added this section to our About Us page. Recently, while setting up scrimms/matches, we have failed our clan with poor behavior. Everyone please look this over and remember what being a clanberry is all about.
3/4 - 9:50a | boysen
Put up some screens from last night's practice. Except for the bickering before the EQ map, it was a load of fun!
3/2 - 1:50p | boysen
In case you were wondering, here's our schedule for the CTFC. Let's think about being on the winning side of the next match. 8^)
3/2 - 11:50a | boysen
CB takes another one on the chin last night. I have decided that we're only going to play clans that are terrible from now on. ;-)