4/25 - 1:00p | boysen
it's official, after some serious thought, the clanberries are done. i wanted a "clean break" with no hard feelings but that, unfortunately, didn't happen. people said some things and ugliness ensued. the main issue was this: there weren't enough active members to make the clan run. the thing to learn from all this? i think Chuck said it best:

PS: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Bye all, let's keep in touch via email. 8^)
4/22 - 4:00p | boysen
the clanberries are no more. it was a fun 18 months.
4/22 - 10:10a | boysen
Important news from our leader:

Hi all! We've had some good times and some bad times but lately things have been kinda frustrating. We are now going to revert to our previous mindset of just "having fun." After we finish our committments to the LoC we'll only play matches for fun. (CTFC has been finished, we got a week 3 forfeit from RD in the DMCTF.) No "official" matches or "non-official" scrimms, just playing for fun.

Also, not that we couldn't in the past but now i encourage everyone to look into other online games. Poison recommended SubSpace, which i downloaded and played and subsequently got hammered. I also think it would be fun to play Acrophobia with a bunch of you freaks.

As far as the roster goes, all berries are just that--berries. No distinctions. Also, if you still crave the competition, feel free to join another clan and remain in CB. Heck, i might just do that.

This shouldn't come as a shock to many of you as our "official practices" have been far from crowded. I guess the desire just isn't there. Maybe a new game will come along and light the fire again?

4/21 - 2:30a | boysen
In case you don't know about it, Acrophobia is totally funny. You *need* to check it out.
4/16 - 9:55a | boysen
Got this sad piece of news from Mul:

ts.mit.edu will be going down permantently the first week of May. I'll look for some replacement machines for CTF, but whatever I find will be temporary. Hopefully Straw will find a more permanent solution.
4/15 - 4:50p | boysen
The HPB squad is no more. Just got tired of ppl coming and going. Visit the Roster page for the facts.
4/15 - 1:50p | boysen
Happy Tax Day everyone! (especially Tax) Sour sends me a Marble Madness screen challenging Cool's once thought to be unbeatable score. Judge for yourself if there was image tampering. (Sour sent a 55k jpg, but i thought you might appreciate a 14k gif instead.)

Also, we have a very poor turnout at last nights "practice." Guys, if we wanna win a match every now and then, we need to practice more. I don't think once a week is asking too much. 8^(
4/14 - 9:50a | boysen
The latest bio entry comes from, the one, the only...Flashberry! Take special note of his amazing personal web page. <grin> Also, don't forget about practice tonight. We'll be working on e4m4.
4/13 - 4:35p | boysen
The bios keep a' comin' with new ones from Cool and Cherry.
4/13 - 3:15p | boysen
Cool wants everyone to know that he "Ownz" on Marble Madness. Try to beat that score, i dare ya!
Coolwhip wastes hours on Marble Madness
4/13 - 3:00p | boysen
Put up the bios from those silly boys at MIT--Straw and Mul.
4/13 - 12:15p | boysen
Finished my taxes.
4/13 - 10:45a | boysen
Woo Hoo! I'm thinking about working on my taxes soon. 8^) Also, i've added the Sour bio and another pic of berries in action!
4/10 - 2:40p | boysen
A beta release of the Clanberry Blue CTFer skin.
4/10 - 10:55a | boysen
Man! We're a bunch of goofy dudes. Read the bios for Wax, Dirty and Tax. You might need an excuse for those people who see the tears in your eyes.
4/9 - 10:10p | boysen
I've added Boysen's bio page so that you guys can get the feel for what kind of insanity runs amuck in my head. Feel free to submit your stuff and i'll add your page as soon as i get back from my visit to the shrink.
4/8 - 3:50p | boysen
Clan Bastards Inc. has disbanded. (I think they heard that we all shower together.) Anyway, it's a forfeit. I would have rather played them since i've never heard of them and we could probably have gotten our first LoC win! In our other tourney, DMCTF, our schedule looks like this:
4/8 - 10:35a | boysen
Found this cool translater site. Here's something for our friends up north.

Les Canadiens pensent qu'ils sont si supérieurs.
4/8 - 10:10a | boysen
Things went better than expected as CB was able to take a map from WA. Still, it was frustrating to end up without the win. Moral of the story? Practice is a good thing. Let's do more of it. 8^)
4/7 - 11:10a | boysen
You guys excited about our match with WA tonight? I know i am. 8^) I say we all show up in pink bunny costumes and tell them it's a easter egg finding match. That way, since i've hidden the eggs, i can tell my whole team where they are and we'll win! Show up early so i can give you all the info.
4/6 - 10:45a | boysen
DV8 gave CB a good, old-fashioned beat down last night. If your into masochism, head over to our screens page. Also, welcome Halleberry to our HPB squad. Halle and Cool played a couple of 2v2 scrimms at the AGD (screens in the practice folder).
4/2 - 11:40a | boysen
The CTFC schedule has been modified and we were given a win for IG's "forfeit" but that still makes us 1-4. We have our match with DV8 on Sunday and after that:
The rules have changed and it's now best 2 of 3. Hopefully we can avoid our cursed luck in the coin toss next time. 8^)
4/2 - 10:00a | boysen
That little bit about Cookus? Can you say "April Fools!".
4/1 - 2:30p | boysen
Oh man am i excited. I was just talking with CookusBot and since Ajax left Flag! he said it's never been the same and he wants to join CB! Whoop! Whoop! Hope this doesn't fall through. Also, added the gibbed.com button and a couple practice screens.