2/16/1999 | Marion
As many of you have heard, CB and OTN are doing a little clan arena war thingy. If you want details, head on over to holy's page.
2/11/1999 | Marion
Click here to add this site as a channel with IE4 or greater, so do it NOW!
2/11/1999 | MrsMar
Letting you all know:
Paper is Y2K compliant/ready.
2/10/1999 | Marion
Blah, just saying hey freaks!. My office is moving soon, but unless the new ISP thingy happens, this shouldn't matter to you freaks at all. Just a few hours of no site and no mail. Ain't NAT great.
2/3/1999 | boysen
Dirty made a request a while back and I forgot about it... (Boysenberries aren't too brite, cha know)...anyway, I threw this together in about an hour. This is for you Dirty! Proceed to Dirty's House of Bubbles.
2/2/1999 | boysen
Mani's wish is my command. You can now access the Chat via that growin' Strawberry up there and Shiner (figure it out) takes you to the Message Board. Feel free to use the Message Board to challenge CB. But be berry cautious about challenging us, we'll put a stain on you so deep..."How deep is it?"...so deep you'll need the Industrial Size version of the StainStickTM to even have a chance at removing the stain. ;^)