1999.3.29 | Marion
Run on over and put a name down for my kid, see if yours is the lucky one. Baby Names Don't be too original!
1999.3.28 | Marion
In an early Easter egg hunt, my swimmers made the haul of the day. Fighting off everyone with their rocket launchers and using the grapple to speed them along, they made it to that golden egg and won the day =)
My wife let me know Friday that we are going to have a baby, due in November right around my Moms birthday.
My mother took the news great saying, and I quote, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH," or something to that effect, my ears are still ringing.
1999.3.26 | boysen
No news is... certainly NOT good news. I say, No News Makes Boysen an Irritable Berry. Revised the New Berry application a bit and you berry much should visit our About Us page prior to filling out one of these.
1999.3.14 | Marion
Hey freaks, tell me what you think of this one, it's free and all so let's hear it.

1999.3.14 | Marion
Again I'd like to remind you all about LanFest '99 so check it out!
1999.3.11 | Marion
Finally! This is all back up and ready to serve. Also, there is a SuckMods server (CTF) running at quake.clanberries.com and a temporary CA server running at Enjoy!
1999.3.4 | boysen
Made a button for Holy's LCS tourney (look up) and moved the group roster to within the Roster section. Gotta find the "bunch" link. 8^)
1999.3.3 | boysen
Mine don't have the *nifty* lables, but see another take. Pic1 (the makings of a stack), Pic2 (me up top), Pic3 (notice my ever-present icon).
1999.3.2 | Marion
After several miserable atempts to get a shot of the clan, some of us were able to put this one together:

-the clanberres-

I was there, were you?