1999.4.16 | boysen
Dirty got an "RUNNERS UP" for his entry into his translation of translations of low ping bastard camper quad ho.

Hybrid I have of Quadruple of of the radiation diode valve of the DecLuz de That Of the intelligent one that EMITS dellivello Wohnmobils of the DIODE VALVE of Of di Sbatte Of the Bottom

Visit the contest. Also, note he was the only entrant to proudly display his clan affiliation. 8^)
1999.4.10 | MrsMar
Well LANFest '99 is officially underway. Last night Mar, Boysen, Lycan, Node, Apoc, and Plutonium hung out at Poi's house. We ate some GREAT lasagne and talked politics and religion ;^) Pictures will be posted from the festivities throughout the day, so y'all check them out.
-Mrs "I edited the web site all by myself" Mar
1999.4.8 | boysen
Wax returned home yesterday to the cheers of his beloved fans...well, that might be a slight exaggeration. He loaded up the truck and he moved to Beverly...Pennsylvania, that is. 8^)
1999.4.7 | boysen
Here's a screen grab at the 15 minute mark of a game on ctf1. I had just realized how outnumbered we were so i stopped and typed:
(hopeful pause)
(less hopeful pause)
"Would a red or 2 go blue?"
(no response)

So I grabbed this screen and went back to fragging, at which time i was promptly greeted my ole buddy—the icon. 8^/
1999.4.6 | boysen
Wax is on the run. Whereabouts unknown. Last seen on Penn State campus. More news to come...