1999.5.29 | Marion
Saw Star Wars -the phantom menace- today. Can you say weak, filler, or lame? The best part of the flik was Jar Jar Binks. OMLight Saber fights! Why does Obi Wan always make at least 1 spin before he hits someone or deflects a shot?
Don't get me wrong, I am glad I saw the movie, I just wish it had less filler in it. My wife said it best--"This whole movie could be on the sleeve of a book." It was cute, that's about all I can say for it, other than it also had 'some' good effects. If I were to be in Blockbuster renting movies, and the only two they had in stock were The Little Mermaid, and this one, you'd be hearing the distinct sounds of "under the sea" come from the speakers of my T.V. set.
-Marion "Was that really worth $7" berry-CB
1999.5.20 | Marion
Just so you all know, Dirty is now reigning CB Czar.
Main Entry: czar
Pronunciation: 'zr, '(t)sr
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin czar, from Russian tsar',
from Old Russian tsisari, from Gothic kaisar,
from Greek or Latin; Greek, from Latin Caesar.
Date: 1555
1 : EMPEROR; specifically : the ruler of
Russia until the 1917 revolution
2 : one having great power or authority <a banking czar>
- czardom /'zr-d&m, '(t)sr-/ noun
1999.5.13 | boysen
Useless information abounds in the minds of many of us, as this stroll down memory lane typifies. Mindless voids of feeble thoughts abounding...well, you get the idea.
1999.5.12 | boysen
No, i'm not talking about our CTF match performance, Q3test was finally released for Windows! Go to Quake3Arenas download page and grab it!. Our own Roo has already been working on some interior design. 8^)