1999.8.31 | boysen
re-worked "news" section and got mail from Mar re: server state.
1999.8.30 | boysen
almost completed "news" section then viewed complicated embedded frameset in Netscape...then i cried.
1999.8.27 | boysen
worked on "roster" section. looked good on almost first attempt.
1999.8.26 | boysen
made intro and finalized pop-up size. also, added other "nav" features like descriptions and speech.
1999.8.25 | boysen
finished "about" section, other than minor tweaks.
1999.8.24 | boysen
didn't have much time to work on this until today. put down the framework for the concept. color schemes and section themes. built intial frameset and nav animations.
1999.8.24 | boysen
vs. DaS
Due: 9/1
For more info, visit the very slow Bannockburn site.
1999.8.5 | boysen
i began working on site5^^POD.
1999.8.2 | boysen
It feels like years since I've added a news items, so here i go: *woopeee!*