1999.9.30 | boysen
"Thank you sir. May I have another?"
"Thank you sir. May I have another?"
"Thank you sir. May I have another?"

this is what happened when BM took us "out back" and taught us what it means to "quack like a duck."
1999.9.28 | boysen
Madam Z (of Lost Souls Pawnshop fame) has agreed to return my soul. i don't believe she ever had it, nonetheless, this was her response:
Born in 1619, you became a minister to Louis XIV of France. The era was dominated by religion and the state. You were responsible for many reforms in the fields of the arts and commerce. In 1663 you conducted a survey of the state and found the results lamentable. You started importing know-how from other European countries and established an artists' pension. You also bolstered France's seafaring capacities and created a duty-free zone in northern France. By your death in 1683 you had created an all-but mercantile France and doubled the state's revenue.
1999.9.27 | boysen
oh sweet chilisauce, the ryder cup comeback was incredible! give it up for justin leonard birdie'ing 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 to give the US the last 1/2 point for victory!
1999.9.23 | boysen
Holy has found a relative. PainBerry is currently being held hostage at PlanetQuake and being forced to write articles with little or no sunlight, water or fertilizer! I tried to contact him, and the dirty bastages at PQ obviously intercepted my email and fabricated this response:
no waY! that is soo cool i'm lost for words. if i wasen't already in a clan i would join. good for u d00d. keep the faith, broberry.
we need to rescue our fellow stemmate and seedfellow! who's with me? also, this picture was sent. is it some kind of threat?
1999.9.22 | boysen
a couple of design sites of local interest: perfect, life exists, virus|one, terrarium, and netbaby. surfers be on guard.
1999.9.17 | boysen
How cool would it be if i came to visit you on my own SoloTrek?
1999.9.16 | boysen
Kevin Costner is quite proud of his work, er...well, he's quite proud of his 'package.' Find out what Kevin is so proud of, here.
1999.9.15 | boysen
give it your best shot at the new clanberries message board.
1999.9.10 | holy
the berries have aged yet another year, that much closer to perfection. the information page lists our sell-by-date as 9-13-96, so i'd say we're pretty ripe, wouldn't you? we're just more tart (or in boysen's case, a little more crochety). happy third birthday to the clanberries, especially for guys like boy and razzmatazz, who've been there the whole way...those of us of a lesser vintage appreciate you more than you might think.
1999.9.10 | boysen
found the cranberries Web site to be quite charming.
1999.9.10 | boysen
a worthy listmail by Dirty
I think we should have a web counter on the actual pod itself. None of that honkey whack up-side the head bullschoy that razz and boysen be rappin' about, I'm talking about the end-all end-all of web counters. It will have neato effects and make sounds. When you enter the page it makes you coffee and offers you a fine selection of pastries. If you abruptly leave the pod it shoves a bucket of maple syrup down your pants. Alas, maple syrup takes a while to pour, so a device with straps and metal chain type devices will hold you down until the syrup has been poured. Then comes the bees and ants.
1999.9.9 | boysen
added some screens to our "matches" section. Mar needs to make a server change to see those 1998 files. 8^) all you berries with no listing on the "roster" need to get with it! and send me your stuffo.
1999.9.8 | boysen
some nice person on the Babbler's list (High Five/Resources) wanted to give our site an award. it's nice to know that people like us for more than just our juice. <g>
1999.9.7 | boysen
after the break, i still hope Crazy is alive. 8^)
added Rage's pic. re: Roo's Q3 adventure: he's got the fever and might not come back alive. (2) trips to the bus and there's no turning back. hehe
1999.9.3 | holy
milestones ahead...it's holy's birthday today (woo) so mail holy and tell him you love him. or mail him and tell him you can never love him. it's all the same.

in addition, the clan's third year of existence is in ten days, and i'm sure somebody has something big planned for it....right? right?

and boysen, i used notepad.
8^D (tm)
1999.9.2 | boysen
added Rage, updated Holy on "roster." re-timed intro to eliminate (1) of the scroll bars popping up. the other is unavoidable.

send boysen your bio page (or changes) if you're not listed. we'd like everyone on board!

last, i'd like to keep this site updated as much as possible. a) anyone who has old CB site material, be it news items, pics or match screens, please send them to boysen; b) anyone with even minor HTML experience should feel free to get with Marion about make updates to /this/ news page. the file is news_main.htm and is simple to update. just make sure you check it once you've updated it. 8^)
1999.9.2 | boysen
added intro javascript graphic move. added "news" section counter. modified many pages...again. 8^)

then at 2:20, i started uploading this site.
1999.9.1 | boysen
finished "matches" section. modified many pages. might upload tomorrow after more testing. Mar is buggin' me to upload it now. tsk tsk. 8^)