1999.11.30 | poison
Well, against better judgment, Mar has reproduced. I know, you're thinking, "Not another Marion!" However, this one is cute. Check out the pics here.
1999.11.29 | boysen
slim but interesting read about Q3 CTF. i dunno. might be...ok?
1999.11.28 | holy
Updated the NESlist today. Picked up six games and a four score. As boysen would say, WHAT A HAUL! 8^D
1999.11.25 | Marion
Happy Thanks Gibbing!
1999.11.24 | dumb dumb
i meant to say:
"Give _it_ up for the big guy upstairs."
1999.11.24 | boysen
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Give up for the big guy upstairs. 8^)
1999.11.17 | boysen
it's good to see this news page gettin' some. ;^)
i finished System Shock 2!! (finally) what a bruiser. i'm sore all over. give it go if ya got the gumption. anyone want me to send you mine?
1999.11.14 | holy
In a banner month for the simulation of fine family entertainment: Bullfrog has released Theme Park World. It can be obtained for under $30. Obtain it. Microprose has released Corkscrew Follies for Roller Coaster Tycoon. Both the expansion and the original game can be obtained for under $20. Show these guys that games like these are appreciated! Go out and buy 'em! (Ice, this includes you.)
1999.11.12 | Marion
On a post-it note:
Children in America are beaten by their parents daily.
Let's send these bastards to Sudan so they can have some fun.
1999.11.12 | boysen
on a somber note:
the current Islamic government of Sudan is truly intent on genocide. this is almost completely ignored by America's media. learn for yourself the brutal truth.
1999.11.10 | Manilow
Special anouncement: Manilow has announced his candicacy for President of the United States. Should his platform be based on... A) "Vote for me, and you get a date from Jennifer Anniston!" B) "One day I'll be Bill Gates son-in-law and own the world, so you might as well support me." C) "Beer!" send your comments and choice to Manilow at twalker@wicked.ne.mediaone.net
1999.11.9 | boysen
Marion's desire to distribute more and more crack has effected his cerebrel cortex. Email boysen@clanberries.com and let me know if we should:
a: Pledge to only 'buy' from Mar
b: Get some from Mar and some from that Denny's quick fry cook
c: Encourage Mar to quit selling altogether
1999.11.9 | Marion
I took down CBCA last night. It will be back in some fashion or another soon. I was just tired of playing with children who swear and cry everytime they type. Also, there are a few induhviduals who just can't stop using bots and/or chase active. Lame, yes... Can I do anything about it? Well, the server is down isn't it? Email me at marion@clanberries.com and let me know what to do with the server. Shall I:
a. Turn it back on.
b. Turn in on with a private port for invite only.
c. Leave it off, it sucked.
1999.11.5 | boysen
i'm truly surprised no one has mentioned dogdoo.com. it's a logical extension of those oSo popular greeting cards. 8^)
1999.11.4 | boysen
Mani is delusionary. his goat has gone to his head. if you appreciate fine art, you have to visit this Flash site. 8^)
1999.11.3 | Manilow
I've estabolished the GLO (Goat Liberation Organization) and intend to use terrorist methods to retrieve my goat from the foul hands of Boysen before he is able to commit a sacriligious act of violence against on of my people. 8)
1999.11.2 | boysen
i got it goin' on baby doll
and i'm on fire