1999.12.27 | boysen
the kids got sick, then my wife, now me... boy it really feels like Christmas now! 8^) it looks like Lokis Minions CTF will help the Q3 situation when it arrives. also, did you catch that unranked Kentucky Wildcats beat #5 Michigan State? Take that Santa-DV8. 8^0
1999.12.21 | boysen
One more thing... Doesn't it really suck that they never got that that 8k back from Old Man Potter?!?!
1999.12.21 | boysen
"It's beginning to look alot like Christmas... hmm huh hmmm hmm hmmmm..." Navcenter on Q3arena is trying to be _the_ search engine for all things Quake. Remember Slipgate? Well, I added us to their db. 8^)
1999.12.18 | poison
If you are into Q3 and the new threewave maps, check out for a server. Some great players on there and they only use the new maps. Nice server.
1999.12.17 | boysen
on the way? i meant, here are 3 more CTF maps!
1999.12.16 | boysen
More Q3CTF maps on the way. Find out more.
1999.12.14 | boysen
they sensed my approach. om!
1999.12.13 | boysen
right in line with the Christmas spirit, i've uploaded a classic called... Lookout!
1999.12.11 | boysen
/me hands Mar some "feedback"
1999.12.10 | Marion
Seems like the whole IRC thing is changing again, poor Gamenode seems to be near dead. ETG is just too packed so I am thinking about setting up our own chat server, which we can invite some trusted clans to host their rooms there too. I have the server running already, I'll give the addy soon. I just don't want to miss out on the relationships with the other clans. Gimme some feedback.
1999.12.9 | boysen
today's number is


but on a more festive note, it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas, all around the town. 8^)

ps. Quake 3 is just so-so. 8^/
1999.12.5 | boysen
today's number is


1999.12.4 | holy
Keep an eye on my subdiretory, something big is coming! Something... magical. Something old. Something new! Something borrowed. Something... something.
1999.12.1 | boysen
The Christmas season has begun! Get out your advent calendars 'cuz, as Casey says, "We're counting them down!"