2000.1.26 | boysen
2 new q3ctf maps are from Clan LsD.
2000.1.25 | FBI
Good job, only one day too. Thanks all three of you for your help.
2000.1.24 | FBI
$1000 to the first person with info leading to the arrest and full conviction of the person who defaced this site.
2000.1.20 | boysen
they killed our old message board so i made a new one. 8^)
2000.1.17 | Marion
I'd like the be the first to thank Alan Keyes for OWNING Diane Sawyer today. Thanks Mr. Keyes =)
2000.1.15 | boysen
okie, a little update before I forget people: *smile*
2000.1.10 | boysen
other new, er old, um...UPDATED maps for Q3 are at Map Center but be advised, it's a very slow connect.
2000.1.6 | boysen
just wanted to see if Mars' date dealie was Y2K compliant and heck, it is! 8^)