2000.3.30 | Marion
You have GOT to see this file, it is TOO funny. Poison sent it to the whole bunch, thanks you hairy freak.
2000.3.27 | boysen
This Q3F could be pure!
2000.3.26 | holy
Countdown to BeOS5...two days. In addition, it has been confirmed that we do all, in fact, live in a yellow submarine. Except boysen. He floats on the surface. Today's berry name scramble: rutn
2000.3.25 | boysen
Interesting article re: extremes "Wisconsin has the highest percentage of binge drinkers." 8^0
2000.3.16 | poison
I would like to buy a vowel. Now, read it carefully, because many of you are sending me bowels in the mail, which are different. Thanks.
2000.3.16 | boysen
new Q3 point release (still beta though) is up at quake3world.com
2000.3.9 | boysen
i don't remember if i posted this before, but a CTF map called Quartz is fairly cool. 8^)
2000.3.9 | boysen
There is another new CTF mod is called Alliance AND my roid surgery has been postponed. i'll keep you updated.
2000.3.8 | boysen
Giddyup! George W. in on the way. I can't wait to get those &#%@!* people out of the White House. And don't get me started about the media, OMfoozle! they're biased, it's so obvious.
2000.3.6 | Marion
Main Entry: jeal·ou·sy
Pronunciation: 'je-l&-sE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -sies
Date: 13th century
1 : a jealous disposition, attitude, or feeling
2 : zealous vigilance
2000.3.6 | poison
Please be aware that Marion's definition of HUGE may be slightly exaggerated. The reason for this is unknown, but I am sure Mrs. Mar is somehow behind it.
2000.3.5 | Marion
As many of you know, I am a HUGE conservative. With that said...

I will cast my Presidetial vote for the candidate who promises to kick Monica Lewinski out of these United States. Please, candidates, take on this pledge as part of your campaign.