2000.4.19 | Marion
I know Strong funds has been doing well and is a good company, but they have at least one (1) MORON on their E-commerce site. Ask me about it sometime, sheesh what a D$%#|!
2000.4.8 | Marion
Bobby gets in on the action.
2000.4.8 | Marion
So for being a dork and posting that last image, Alpine decided to get me back.
2000.4.6 | Marion
It helps when people have worse luck than you do. Makes my Q3 skills look like they actually exist.
2000.4.5 | Marion
Where is P.E.T.A. when you really need them?
2000.4.5 | boysen
where'd the other news go Mar?!?!
here's a trippin' site
2000.4.1 | Marion
Bowser from Sha-na-na wants to join CB
2000.4.1 | Marion
VNC Rocks!
Bill Clinton SUCKS!
Clinton couldn't suck more if he were gay
P.S. Election 2000 - "Don't be fooled again"