2000.5.28 | boysen
i'm on Fripp Island, S.C. posting this news update. nothing interesting to say but, "nyeh, nyeh, na-nyeh nyeh."
2000.5.26 | boysen
today we leave for our annual vacation in South Carolina. and for the drive down, i was able to borrow the borrow the bus from the Partridge Family. 8^)
2000.5.24 | boysen
for anyone who might have forgotten, Alaska of the Force Clan is quite possibly the funniest Quaker this side of a barn-raising.
2000.5.24 | boysen
now if i know Marion like i think i know Marion, i think Marion with like Zappy's new Quake 3 mod.
2000.5.23 | boysen
Mar sent this link in for those underclassmen looking for a quality *berry* education.
2000.5.22 | boysen
changed the first Nav1 with a new one that's an image map so it'll load faster. if'n you want to swap to the full-juice nav, click the "2"... also, i've added some things to the "X" and i'm hoping Mar doesn't run out of hd space. 8^0
2000.5.22 | boysen
"Michael Southall, one of the top high school basketball players in Wisconsin and a Kentucky recruit, was charged Friday with selling marijuana."

Boy does that suck. And why are we looking to Wisconsin for players anyway?!?
2000.5.21 | boysen
added Razz and Lycan's stories to the h page.
2000.5.20 | boysen
i'll be adding stuff to the site as time goes by (Poi, Mar and Wax might design some stuff too) so please send me your hearts desires, and i don't mean pr0n, crack or free basketball tickets.
2000.5.19 | boysen
launched the new site! send me feedback, problems, etc. and if your text is too small in IE5 (*ahem* *Holy*) it's not my fault cuz it looks fine on my system with IE5. 8^p
2000.5.17 | boysen
i am on a news *streak*! anyway, enough about me, did you see the Quake Wazzup?
2000.5.16 | boysen
because i don't want to forget about adcritic.com, i'm posting the link here. 8^)
2000.5.16 | boysen
the Searchbots are coming! the Searchbots are coming!
2000.5.15 | boysen
If you haven't seen Gladiator, go do it now. If you don't have any money, donate some blood. If you don't have a car, use the bus. If you are currently waylaid by a bout of the Burmese Intestinal Plague, i guess you can wait and see the movie next week.
2000.5.12 | boysen
Mantra Tomato-Sandwich's pet dog Lucky sing Give Me Cheese. A true classic updated for the 00s.
2000.5.10 | boysen
free is good. especially when the item is worthwhile. go get Strata 3D!
2000.5.9 | boysen
i've never claimed to be modest, in fact, i once bragged about beating my 3-year-old son in backyard basketball. so in that tradition, i present (trumpet blast) boysen battering poi. it must be noted, i did enjoy significant ping advantage. 8^)
2000.5.8 | Marion
Ok, you go into the bathroom to do your duty. You see there is no toilet paper on the roll. Knowing that you will be needing some, you grab another roll and have a seat. While you are sitting there--captured, one might say--do you...
Put the roll of toilet paper on the holder, like a normal person.
Leave the toilet paper on the back of the toilet, like a Neanderthal.
What's toilet paper?
2000.5.8 | boysen
for all you diehard Q1 CA ppl, here's the Q3 version—Classic Quake Arena.
2000.5.8 | holy
Today, before heading off to the SAT, I stopped at my local IHOP. I had a Denver omelet, with a side of flapjacks. Upon those flapjacks, I poured boysenberry syrup. An hour later, at the SAT, the questions were very simple; I finished the sections of the test faster than any other test I had before, with great confidence in my answers. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
2000.5.4 | boysen
id released Q3 v.1.17 to fix a security problem, but there's compatitbility issues with servers running earlier versions.