2000.6.28 | boysen
i finished my latest wallpaper called aquasphere. it's on my personal site but feel free to use the hell out of it. 8^0
2000.6.25 | Marion
Gillian cut her teeth yesterday! Whoot, she has two front lowers.
2000.6.22 | boysen
ImageReady has a cool tween effect. Which buddy is our buddy?
2000.6.21 | boysen
hear! hear! i'm with you Mar. if people would do their research they would learn that "separation of church and state" is not part of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independance but rather appears in another document that Jefferson wrote that has since been taken out of the context.
This also reveals the very dangerous but deviously subtle tactic: "If you repeat something often enough, people will believe it as truth." This is exactly what has happened with Jefferson's miscommunicated text and now 6 Supreme Court justices are taking advantage of the disception.
2000.6.20 | Marion
I said "GOD!" How does that grab ya? Why is it idiots fear religion? I don't consider myself a religious person but I am an American, and to have the Supreme court of these United States come down blasting freedom of speech saying that religion has no place in government is ridiculous. After all, wasn't this country founded by people who didn't want their former "despots" telling them what to do over religion?
The last time I looked at my money (printed and minted right here in the states) it said "IN GOD WE TRUST" are they planning to remove that soon?
I could care less what religion you believe in, they all are the same to me (good and evil, right and wrong--you get the picture). But I will say that I'd rather this country be run by people who ARE religious than the idiots who fear them!
2000.6.19 | boysen
the other day i saw Dirty at a drug store. he didn't know i saw him so he continued to hassle the lady behind the register:

Dirty: What do you mean I'm not old enough?!?
Lady: You have to be over 18 to buy these.
Dirty: But you don't understand, I *need* these.
Lady: I'm sorry son.
Dirty: Come on lady, PLEASE!
Lady: It's out of my hands.
(Dirty pauses to consider his next move.)
Dirty: But lady, I'm buying these for my sick uncle Freddie who's dying wish is to spend some intimate time with his beloved Beatrice one last time before he passes away.
Lady: Well, OK... that'll be $4.59.
(Dirty laughs greedily, grabs the bag and runs out the door.)

so if you see Dirty, tell him it would have been easier to have just "lifted" the Mighty Bunyon Oitment and Cream Twinpack®.
2000.6.17 | boysen
Mar introduced us to Q3Post but i can't get the darn thing to work. maybe it was that burrito i ate last night?
2000.6.15 | boysen
remember those glorious days gone by when (by the luck of the Irish) you topped the results. so you hit your exec nameanimation.cfg bind and revel in that animating goodness? well, those days are here again with the Q3MaN!
2000.6.9 | boysen
added a couple of new wallpapers today. Wax contributed with PUBENEMY which is quite good. and for you high res ppl, i've made BLUE in both 1280x1024 and 1024x768.
2000.6.9 | boysen
the future of the Internet? they seem to think so. i believe it's for the country of Samoa.
2000.6.6 | boysen
back in town, and i realized that the other white meat wasn't referring to Rik Smits.
also, did everyone hear that Holy is now, officially, a brainiac? a nerd to the nth degree? a pocket-protector wearing geekazoid from the planet Mensa? well, if you didn't... he is. 8^p
2000.6.3 | Marion
Well, I'm still in Atlanta :p Someone play some q3 for me at Core Voltage.
Someone get me my cloak.
2000.6.1 | boysen
still at the beach. people are teasing me because i put my own suntan lotion on a missed the majority of my back. now i'm called the "striped lobster."
but that's... ok. because i'm special. i'm smart enough, i'm good enough, and dog gone it, people like me. 8^)