2000.8.28 | boysen
i don't know if this newspaper clipping will mean much to many of you, but i know for a fact, that Dirty once did the same exact thing. he didn't get out of it either.
2000.8.27 | boysen
over the weekend we saw a wonderful movie about injustice, hate, and love. it's called The Hurricane and i highly recommend it.
2000.8.25 | boysen
do you have a cell phone? how often do you use it? what do scientists think about cell phones and cancer? what should you do?
2000.8.23 | boysen
time flies when you're being worked to death... well, it's not that bad. who's gonna watch tonight's conclusion to Survivor?
2000.8.21 | boysen
sorry guys, i'm posting like a lovesick camel, but i'll try to do better. don't forget about Z-Axis for new Quake maps!
2000.8.11 | holy
More scrim news fron the front. CB under 3C in a handicapped (CB) mixed CA scrimmy, 0-2. Don't remember the date. CB over 3C in an LPB CA scrimmy, that became a handicapped (CB) mixed in the second series, 2-0.

As always, if anyone wants a scrimmage, or, if we're in a REALLY good mood, matches (I still refuse to call them wars), you can find us in #Clan_CB on irc.enterthegame.com.

The RPG is coming along fine -- the first berry character graphic has been fleshed out, but he's still a little too pudgy for my taste. Seems out of place, due to an outline and other such stuff. Feh.
2000.8.09 | boysen
long time, no post, my bad. here's one to make up for it. Poppin' Panther
2000.8.02 | Holy
On a less political note, we here at the clanberries are proud to announce that we are once again active! Yes, we had some fun today.

First up was a 2v2 HPB CA scrimmy with IOV at quake.satanist.net. First series was Dirty and Cookie vs. Lennox and Conk. IOV took it, making the tally 0-1. Second series was Soul and Holy vs. Lennox and Conk. Thanks to a fluke drowning by Conk :D , we pulled this one out to even the scrimmy at 1-1. TB was Dirty and Holy vs. Lennox and Conk. It was a short series, but we had a blast. Final tally: 2-1 in favor of IOV. Awesome game, guys! Sportsmanship was riding high, and I can't think of any ill words that passed between the two teams. Scrimmys should be fun, and dammit, this one was. Any time you want to do it again, we're there. Anyone have any screenies?

After a rousing 5v5 series (can you say, PANDEMONIUM), Iceberg and Holy did a 2v2 mixed CA scrimmy with [C]rypt and [B]ong. I'm not really sure what their clan's called, but best of luck to them at getting it off the ground. This was as evenly matched as it got, with CB pulling a 5-4 win in the first series thanks to a truly BREATHTAKING shaft by Ice. The second series was just as tense. CB pulled off to an early lead, at one point being two rounds ahead, but [C] and [B] fought back to even the rounds at 4. Holy managed to get his end of the deal done, taking out one of the opponents, and hurting the other enough that Ice could finish him to cap off a 2-0 scrimmy win. Yay! [C] and [B], we take our hats off to you.

I would just like to note that the turnout over the past few days has been incredible. Last night held the presence of the following berries on a single server: Ice, Soul, White, Dirty, Cookie, and Holy! (Dingle would have made it, but he was otherwise occupied) Way to go, guys! I would also like to apologize for referring to myself in the third person numerous times in this post.

And before I forget... Fragfest! =D
2000.8.01 | Marion
I'll never understand conservative politicians (even though I am one myself sometimes). Here is my rant on a portion of Powell's speech at the convention the other night, I just used a little because it would take me days and pages to reply to the entire thing. Why do conservatives woo people they know can only make them look stupid? Does any liberal black person care that Powell claims that he is Republican? No.

<POWELL> I've seen kids in utter despair. I've visited kids in jail doing adult time for crimes they've committed.

<Marionberry-CB> Emphasize "CRIMES THEY'VE COMMITED." As well they should. Their parents should be looked at closer too.

<POWELL> They are part of a growing population of over two million Americans behind bars.

<POWELL> Two million convicts, not consumers. Two million Americans, who, while paying for their crimes, are not paying taxes, are not there for their children and are not raising families.

<Marionberry-CB> He can't mean we should NOT lock criminals up does he? I would dare say that over 40% of those criminals he is worried about "not paying taxes" weren't paying taxes when they were free.

<POWELL> Most of them are men and the majority of those men are minorities.

<Marionberry-CB> Here comes the race card, and I only have the jack. I agree racism is far too prevalent in today's society, and should be looked upon with disdain, but racism didn't make Larry (name chosen at random to represent a criminal) shoot a random bullet into a house killing a 3-year-old child, ignorance and lack of respect for life did.

<POWELL> The issue of race still casts a shadow over our society, despite the impressive progress we have made over the last 40 years to overcome the legacy of our troubled past

<Marionberry-CB> Hehe, progress? The only progress we have made in the race issue is that we have pushed it underground. There are as many racists today as there were 40 years ago. I think it's worse today because people don't like to talk about it. I say, let people be racist, let them show themselves for who they are: ignorant, mindless imbeciles. 

<Marionberry-CB> I grew up in the ghetto, both of my brothers-in-law are black, my step father is black, I am white. We all have love for each other and know each other as FAMILY. I believe that if a black man commits a crime, he should be punished for it, am I racist? Obviously, a white man committing that crime should be punished too, neither because of their race, but because they are CRIMINALS.

<Marionberry-CB> OJ did it.

Since we are on the subject of racism, my next rant will be about the word "NIGGER"
Email me your thoughts on this word