2000.9.29 | boysen
slick site with fractal geometries and stuffo.
2000.9.25 | boysen
very cool idea about universal names (XNS), check it out.
2000.9.25 | boysen
big update for Q3, get the v1.25 Point Release!
2000.9.24 | boysen
so i find the "spiritualizer" then i find the "supermodifier." both cool music modifier dealies. i wonder which came first?
2000.9.21 | boysen
very cool music builder (via Flash) on finley quaye's site. slick execution. once inside, choose the "spiritualier."
2000.9.19 | boysen
dog gone those crazy Flashers. someone has gone and poked fun at the Clinton Administration... image that. or if you're anti-Flash (like Wax) maybe you'd appreciate the Flash Usability Challenge?
2000.9.14 | boysen
gotta a bunch-O-stuff:
€ don't doubt the Bible, Noah was a real dude
Smashing Pumpkins bypass label and go straight to the people. bully!
€ Wax gotts a new job
€ super-sweet Flash movie from nosepilot
geek funny song Wax found on slashdot (7Mb .mp3)
Chevelle rocks my boat
€ and, oh yes, Al Gore lies, pass it around
2000.9.12 | boysen
with the election coming up quick, it's quite funny to see the liberals crying about an imagined subliminal message in a recent George W. Bush TV ad. what this article glosses over, is that the word "rats" is really a portion of the "bureaucrats".
2000.9.1 | boysen
i was forwarded ultra-funny election-time Bush/Gore rapfest. you have to dl it and give it a whirl.