2000.10.30 | boysen
came across Ray of Light... has a visually interesting intro.
2000.10.26 | boysen
put up a playful little puzzle dealie over ---> that you can fiddle with. don't think too hard cuz it's just a toy. also, if you don't have the Flash5 plug-in, it's kinda pointless. 8^)
2000.10.23 | boysen
i've updated the About Us page with our revised policy. also, i found a dollar on the ground, yippee!
2000.10.16 | boysen
Mini Golden BerryDaKnown receives a mini Golden Berry for his helping Wax test some server stuff. even if you decide to go on, this prize is yours to keep. 8^)
2000.10.13 | boysen
i saw a funny story on the olive posted today, check it out.
2000.10.13 | boysen
the infamous ground hog of stoney run caught live on camara by cookie!
2000.10.12 | Marion
Remember back when Dewey defeated Truman
2000.10.11 | Marion
Did I say you can talk Algore? Don't let it happen again.
I just wanted to remind all liberals to not forget to vote on November 14th.
2000.10.11 | Algore
Marion is wrong, I am not his bitch. Well, I should clear that up--when I said I am NOT his bitch, I meant I am not everyone's bitch, just his. I hope you still like me.
2000.10.11 | boysen
i don't know how many of you have been to Texas (Dirty doesn't count. He's just there because of segregation.) but they're famous for their hot chili. here's a funny story about an unaware chili contest judge. don't mess with Texas.
2000.10.10 | boysen
Wax submitted another great wallpaper fondly entitled "Hippo" so you know you need to check it out.
2000.10.9 | Marion
boysen found this demonstration of blatant Americanism.
2000.10.6 | boysen
finished up what i find to my favorite wallpaper to date. hope you like it. 8^)
2000.10.5 | Marion
Vice Presidential debate happened tonight--YAWN! I had hoped Cheney would go for the throat but with all the media types telling everyone we are tired of the fighting, he backed off. WTF! I want MORE political hostility! I don't agree with Algore and his bunch at ALL! I want to scream as loud as I can about how much they lie and how they think Americans can't do without them. Bah, this is all crap. I still can't believe people are this ignorant, to want to vote for a piece of crap jerk like Algore!
2000.10.4 | Marion
"Vote for a leader, not a liar."
2000.10.3 | Marion
Wewt! Algore just got handily OWNED! He was man-handled by Dubya as easily as Thresh on a T1 line would whoop me on a 14.4 modem. All Algore could do was be the typical liberal politician that he is, and resort to scare tactics. Even then, Dubya called him out on it and named him a liar, to which Algore never denied. I must say that I enjoyed that debate and look forward to more.
2000.10.2 | boysen
welcome to October. i hereby claim this month for the country of Madagascar. why madagascar? because i hear it's a fun place. 8^)
finished a wallpaper called baby's breathe but be warned, it's hypnotic in the calming sense.