2000.12.25 | boysen
merry CHRISTmas everyone!
2000.12.19 | boysen
i heard from Jesse today that the next big thing will be the Evernet.
2000.12.15 | boysen
i found what i'd like for Christmas.
2000.12.13 | boysen
as we approach Christmas, what could be more appropriate than oranges and graphic design?
2000.12.07 | boysen
great article by Warren Spector about the nuts-n-bolts of creating a full-blown video game experience in the form of Deus Ex. btw, it's a great game. i'd love to work for him someday. 8^)
2000.12.07 | boysen
if you like the simplicity of the BeOS or the beauty of the Mac interface but you're stuck with Windoze, then you need to get WindowBlinds.
2000.12.06 | boysen
i just wanted to show everyone something wax did for the holidays. it's very nice!

plus here's a fun one-man-show called db-db. 8^)
2000.12.04 | boysen
whoa, this commercial rocks. (never knew the "K" car was so hip.)