2001.1.31 | boysen
since we got our pictures back, it's time to relay something that happened to us in Utah. my wife and I tore up the runs so majorly, that at one point a ski school instructor stopped us and asked, "Who are you guys?"

once we told him, he said he would be honored if they could rename an existing ski run to a name of our choice. since i hold my clanberry brothers near and dear to my heart, you can see for yourself, the name they chose to put on a sign a couple days later. 8^)
2001.1.30 | boysen
anytime a berry sends in pics, it's a cause for celebration. but this is especially true when you consider the courage it must have taken for Dirty to send these obviously unflattering images of him in the midst of some sort of seisure. A | B | C
2001.1.30 | boysen
most noteworthy item (albeit juvenile) about 20 units working together.
2001.1.23 | Marion
I haven't posted in a bit, but I got this inside track to GW so I decided to show you all what the first draft of his inaugural speech looked like.
2001.1.22 | boysen
back from my trip and it was awesome! if you love to ski, Park City, Utah is highly recommended. for the "down time" between runs or on the airplane, you *need* to get an electronic Yahtzee (i got the new slim version at 7/11 for $8.). or, another fun, time-wasting addiction is Bejeweled.
2001.1.12 | Poison
Here is something to take some time from your day... Enjoy!!
2001.1.10 | boysen
today, i first heard about *it* from a local radio station. you can find out more about something that is, supposedly, more revolutionary than the PC or the Internet.
2001.1.8 | boysen
less than a week until our big ski trip to Utah. we're pretty psyched. i hope i don't rip my ACL in half!
2001.1.3 | boysen
hey, would ya look at that... UK finally wins a close game last night against UofL. 8^0