2001.2.28 | boysen
whoa man, it's been forever since i posted. (bad boysen, bad boysen) i just didn't have anything noteworthy. i still don't. well, i _am_ working on a new CB site but it's gotta be "just so" and that takes time. stay tuned.

btw, i'm starting to collect any old school Web sites related to the original Quake. i wanna start burning CDs with that stuff for nostalgia's sake. so send the urls/pages to boysen.
2001.2.21 | Marion
Black History Month:
Again, I've dropped the rant on another page so it's easier to read.
2001.2.8 | boysen
Mini Goldenit's that time again. Golden Berry time. and our award-winning author is the one-and-only Wax. he receives this great honor for his humorous reply to Mrs. Abacha's cry for help.