2001.3.30 | boysen
Mar has done it again. i don't know why i ever doubted his manhood, er, his computer expertise. now we have this cookie that checks to see if you've already seen the Flash part of the site then loads or no-loads. sweet! now, if only Mar/Poi can get that news form working. 8^)
2001.3.29 | boysen
i've been playing with a screen saver util that supposedly converts Flash projector files to Windows screen savers. so i whipped one up to see how it worked. visit the store and look in wallpapers, or just download the installer.
2001.3.27 | boysen
some big complainer *cough* *wax* *cough* was griping about how long the Flash file takes to download... so i added a handy status bar. 8^)
2001.3.22 | boysen
here's another amazing Flash site for Axis Interactive Design in Canada.
2001.3.20 | boysen
marschwayloze... if you know what that is, you must have kids too.
2001.3.19 | boysen
at Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid... (and boysen can steal little kid's tokens)
2001.3.18 | boysen
whoa nellie! those NCAAs are exciting. Cats won a good one last night against Iowa. now we want those Penn St. beaters to silence the Tar Heels. 8^)
2001.3.16 | boysen
Wow! the site has launched to rave reviews:
Rich, absorbing Web site, beautifully displayed by newcomer Boysen (who's never won an Emmy). An all-star cast, delivers a sensitive portrayal of zany-tomfoolery with imaginative direction. The courageous story leaves not a dry eye in the house, but secret ingredient here is taste. Above average. --Leonard Maltin
The most exhilarating Web site I have seen. Magnificent action sequences, including a hillarious juggler, shy-bear and those lovable chattering teeth. Combines visual artistry with an ever-changing musical score. Not about violence but more about grace and control. One of the year's best. --Roger Ebert
2001.3.15 | boysen
and we're off! hopefully i didn't throw away too much high-valuable clanberries memorabilia as i re-orged the server files. [sorry Mar!] if you have anything clanberry, send it in so we can make a spot for it in the archive. also, let boysen know what you think about everything. what's missing? a news posting form for CBs. stay tuned.
2001.3.14 | boysen
hopefully, if everything goes well, i'll upload >the clanberries, Site 7.0<. T minus 1 day.
2001.3.13 | boysen
oh my gootness! the Sydney Opera House virtual tour is awesome. absolutely the best use of Flash that communicates a physical space in cyberspace. now, they just need to work on that SmellStuff(tm) plug-in. 8^)
2001.3.13 | boysen
got a rough-n-tough wallpaper ready for the launch, partner. T minus 2 days.
2001.3.12 | boysen
the amount of press that Duke gets is sickening. i hope they blow it just like they did with last year's #1 seed. [insert evil laugh here] T minus 3 days.
2001.3.11 | boysen
UK wins another SEC tournament! we best get a #2 seed in the NCAAs. T minus 4 days.
2001.3.10 | boysen
T minus 5 days.
2001.3.9 | boysen
T minus 6 days.
2001.3.8 | boysen
before i forget, "all your base. are belong to us."
2001.3.8 | boysen
i'm going to eat some tumbleweeds. oh ya, T minus 7 days.
2001.3.7 | boysen
T minus 8 days and counting. also, i've decided to go ahead and have that 3lb. mole removed from my back. wish me luck!
2001.3.6 | boysen
wow, either you guys are lazy sluggards or no one visits the site. that will change soon my friends. T minus 9 days and counting.