2001.4.29 | boysen
heh! found this cool site from a CGW monthly disk, what a grand idea... a band called minibosses that covers video game music! (visit with Netscape cuz it's got some funky java thing and make sure to listen Castlevania)
2001.4.27 | birthdayboy.sen
if you haven't seen Extreme Stick Figure Kung-Fu you're missing out!
2001.4.27 | birthdayboy.sen
the site/mail was down for a bit and i was shivering in my boots, but it looks like Mar has it all under control. 8^)
2001.4.26 | boysen
i completed a wallpaper today that is very soothing and beautiful. Tminus9 however, is not.

Go: Design > Stills > inspiration
2001.4.25 | boysen
every clan needs a theme song. with that said, i propose that we elect Particle Man as ours. it makes so much sense.
2001.4.25 | boysen
haven't posted in a while so here's a crazy company that's apparently in love with the word Vector. it's all over their freakin' site.
2001.4.22 | boysen
here's one for all you gun control folks, let me know if you think we should set more Smith & Wesson Cams.
2001.4.20 | boysen
i'm now on an official SNES kick. all those memories come flooding back about Zelda, Castlevania, Super Metroid and the list goes on! also, Holy turned me on to NintentoLand. yummy.
2001.4.19 | boysen
powertel is running this promotion where the longer you stay with them, the more credit you build up for your next phone. well, i wasn't aware of this so when my brother told me, i was like, "Schweet!" i promptly visited the store and got my greedy little hands on a new Nokia 3390. he's so cute; he doesn't get in the way; and he hardly eats a thing... whatta pal. 8^)
2001.4.18 | boysen
our friend BlackBerry doesn't get the press he deserves, but finally there's this story on ZDNet.
2001.4.18 | boysen
man o' man, some people are desperately seeking answers in this life, just look at these Star Wars crazies!
2001.4.16 | boysen
shout out to the dirtyman, here's a sight for you!
2001.4.16 | boysen
whoever invented "work" needs to be flogged. 8^(
2001.4.15 | boysen
what a great Easter weekend that was. wonderful weather, great services, family and friends, good food. 2 thumbs up!
2001.4.13 | boysen
for those new to the scene (or thought it was a quaint gesture) we do have our own berry intranet (clanberries.intranets.com) that we can use for messaging, calendars, etc. CookiE asked for more functionality and once again, the Web delivered a reasonable, low-priced (read: free) solution. I've added some stuff to get us started... now go crazy!
2001.4.12 | boysen
forgot to add a wallpaper a while back. it's a more philosophical thesis than our normal digital offerings. it's called, autoaim vs. savegame. check it out in the Store.
2001.4.11 | boysen
CookiE got to live the dream! He met his childhood hero, Spiderman. What a lucky guy. 8^)
2001.4.11 | boysen
ever since the 7-11s went out of business here in Louisville, i've been jonsin for the official Slurpee. there's nothing like them. sure, every convenient store from Spokane to Miami has their own version of a frozen, fruity beverage but they just don't cut it. Icee brand drinks are too light and airy, lacking flavor and leaving you more thirsty than we you began. Slush Puppy brand drinks can be nice, but if the machines aren't calibrated correctly, they start growing into ice "pellets" that distract your taste buds. the Slurpee is the optimum conglomeration.

apparently now, Burger King has licensed the official Slurpee technology to produce their Frozen Coke beverages. i sampled my first Cherry Coke flavor and am greatly encouraged. if you haven't partaken of this wonderful summertime treat, i beseech you to hurry... posthaste!
2001.4.10 | boysen
i'm in a news posting frenzy. found some great links over at Archinect.
2001.4.10 | boysen
there's a sweet 2001: Space Odyssey Flash dealie over at Officine Pixel.
2001.4.9 | boysen
great stuff is happening over at lookandfeel new media.
2001.4.9 | boysen
Poi... calling Poi... come in Poi. We have need of a news posting script... please respond... over.
2001.4.4 | boysen
when i first saw Vir2l, i was blown away. apparently, their talent has left and they're now mediocre. i believe the future of the Web will be more like '01 by Eric Jordan, famous for his fast & precise Flash work.
2001.4.4 | boysen
Mike has quite the shop o' wonders over at designgraphik.
2001.4.3 | boysen
&*%@)%@#&@)fr eaKin A$@^ @%(#!&@*#* Du kE$#!% %#^Butt#^!!@#w ipe$!@# !#$Cheatin'^^&# (#^$bA $taG3$@#$ %#&**@$^ I HATE DUKE!!#!$%^
2001.4.2 | boysen
all of you put your mighty, mighty mojo together to thwart the Dukies... please!