2001.5.31 | boysen
one hour before i leave on my yearly vacation, they laid me off.
2001.5.31 | boysen
welp, i'm outta here tomorrow for a well-deserved vacation *snicker* at daBeach. i shall consume vast quantities of donuts, Sunchips and Pepsi (no V8). i will try to keep you guys up-to-date via my freshly implanted cyber-shunt (pre-Beta) but don't expect too much... i'm gonna véj like a madman.
2001.5.30 | boysen
first Mini Golf, now golf for the big boys—Flash Golf 2001!
2001.5.30 | boysen
just so you know, the B'z are the #1 band in Japanese history... and, uh, they rock?
2001.5.29 | boysen
i was gonna give you another slick Flash innovation, then i thought, i'd rather play Mini Golf. here's my first multiplayer front 9.
2001.5.29 | boysen
woot de la woot! the site's back up! no posts since 5.7 but i've been "keeping the faith" and here's a sweet little bonus for all your beamer fans... bmwfilms.com.
2001.5.25 | boysen
anything involving They Might Be Giants is fine by me, even graphic design... like at The Chopping Block.
2001.5.25 | boysen
well, the 24th came and went and still no Web... /me wants to cry... but, at least I can still post news that no one will see, like Rustboy!
2001.5.23 | boysen
U2 has one of the coolest videos i've seen in a long, long time with Elevation from the Tomb Raider movie.
2001.5.23 | boysen
Underground Digital Media has a very interesting interface, make sure to check out the Club.
2001.5.22 | boysen
i finished a little sound mixer experiment called hipstich, check it out. 8^)
2001.5.21 | boysen
i forgot to add a few links sometime ago: iamben was very unique when i first saw it; bmace is a Flash coding master; Eugene will sing a song for you; check out the airport at Clever Media then you can leave; the Ray of Light intro has some interesting effects; Massimo Kunstler put *tons* of time into his site; has anyone ever played Sadistic Boxing? and Swift3D can do some nifty stuffo. Cheerio!
2001.5.18 | boysen
just because Marion is putting his own selfish desires ahead of the clan (we'll lynch him later) doesn't mean i will stop making news posts! yes, they're all sitting lonely here on my C:drive, but someday, oh yes, someday, they'll see the light of the Web. check out these ugly houses.
2001.5.17 | boysen
no berry mail... no berry web... boysen freezing... so cold... so berry cold...
2001.5.16 | boysen
Trance Galaxy is slick and so is Cyberfunk.
2001.5.15 | boysen
Mar is a big meanie for not telling boysen that all our services would be down. 8^(
2001.5.11 | boysen
the flash innovators never cease to amaze me, check out natzke.com
2001.5.10 | boysen
i completed Star Trek Elite Force, 10 days after i got it... it didn't last long enough...
2001.5.7 | boysen
can someone tell me why every NBA team i like lost their Sunday game? depressing.
2001.5.4 | boysen
today is the glorious Oaks Day here at Churchill Downs with the Kentucky Derby ("the greatest 2 minutes in sports") tomorrow. so... everyone take the day off. 8^)
2001.5.4 | boysen
my wife and i had guessed that after Week 6 that Tina had the inside track and we were right! but in all fairness, Colby could have won if he had been less virtuous. so i cheer for them both... great job!
2001.5.3 | boysen
and you thought Taylormade was a golf company, think again.
2001.5.3 | boysen
it's the final Survivor tonight... who'll be the winner? i already know. 8^)
2001.5.1 | boysen
theonion is so funny, SatireWire is less so.