2001.7.31 | boysen
i'm getting close to rarified ground with my fifth post of the day. we've all heard 'Content is King' but Andrew Odlyzko has different ideas with Content is Not King. the numbers don't lie.
2001.7.31 | boysen
i would be remiss, if i didn't post a link to the Force Clan's new Web site.
2001.7.31 | boysen
i'm in the process in deciding upon a new computer system, comparing all the specs, asking questions and wondering if i'll make the wrong decision.

here's a WindowsXP preview on Gamespot, an article on the supposed 'cutting edge' Dell P4 from Tom's Hardware, Gateway horror story #1, Gateway horror story #2 and a link to Uptech, a local shop where I might actually buy the thing.

there are many lessons to be learned.
2001.7.31 | boysen
while i'm thinking of gross things, (when isn't that the case) did anyone see Fear Factor last night?!? in stunt #2, they served up some boiled buffalo testicles. i'm not talking about chicken strips with buffalo sauce, i'm talking about BUFFALO TESTICLES! oh my gosh, i was gagging just watching the TV. can you imagine what that must have tasted like?!?
2001.7.31 | boysen
man o' man, i forgot to put Marion's email about Spicy Mustard up in here.
2001.7.27 | boysen
it's been quite some time since a games related post but this one is important. Valve did a port of id's Quake 1. 8^0
2001.7.26 | boysen
cool site with some well done illustrations over at halfproject.
2001.7.25 | boysen
started my first full day yesterday. it was long. i hope tomorrow won't be so long. i need to put up the screen of my wondrous computer. it's slow and little. kinda like a 2nd grader. ;^)
2001.7.20 | boysen
Ask Wax about his 90 day plan. 8^)
2001.7.19 | boysen
Final Fantasy is an unbelievable accomplishment, not much on the story line, too New Agey, but those human models were remarkable!
2001.7.16 | boysen
get yourself over to giddymachine.com and play with the Poppin Panther, i'm serious. i used to break dance to "Jam On It"! 8^0
2001.7.14 | boysen
orisinal is interesting, quite pretty and has some fun games. i liked "Silent Water". try and beat my score of 10300. woot!
2001.7.11 | boysen
well, it looks like i'm going to work with Lost at Humana. i'm simply brimming with excitement! at least now i can stop sneaking rolls and mashed potatoes into my pants at Picadilly's All You Can Eat Thursdays.
2001.7.8 | boysen
long time since posts, which is why i wish Poison would get off his lazy butt and setup that news posting script so that i'm not the only berry adding news. we can only stand so much catastrophe. shake a stem leafboy!