2001.8.27 | boysen
when i left the hospital today, the papers they sent w/ me said:
The appendix is a useless part of the intestine. Many people get an infected appendix. Appendectomy means your appendix was removed with surgery. It will take about six weeks for you to recover. Your laparoscopic surgery involved the use of an instrument to see inside your abdomen. You have several small incisions on your abdomen. With this type of surgery you may have a faster recovery. You might feel some discomfort in your shoulder. It is caused by a harmless gas used in surgery. It will go away over time. This is normal.
that's some crazy stuff my friends.
2001.8.24 | boysen
it seems a bunch of people are looking at the issue of computer games and their effects on kids.
  1. Cyber-games make children brighter
  2. Will Gaming Make You a Better Person?
  3. Do Videogames Promote Violence?
  4. Spike in Female Juvenile Violence Prompts Multitude of Explanations
  5. Video Game Killed 6 Teenagers
2001.8.24 | boysen
"Want your own private fiber node? Has Novalux got an extended-cavity surface-emitting laser for you!" learn more >>
2001.8.22 | boysen
there's something in the air, a certain je ne sais quoi? more than likely, it's that leftover Santa Fe Gordita in my desk drawer.
2001.8.22 | Rage
Get jiggy with Bush.
2001.8.20 | boysen
WoT fans should read "The Strike at Shayol Ghul." (online exclusive)
2001.8.18 | boysen
worthy of a Saturday night post is a new Doom 3 demo (26Mb at site 1, site 2) that Carmack gives at some Apple conference or something. there's also some video interviews with Carmack on Gamespot. my next computer *will* have a GeForce 3. 8^)
2001.8.17 | boysen
added a Links page to help me remember the things i forget. send boysen any additions/changes!
2001.8.17 | boysen
if you're like me (and who doesn't aspire to that ultimate pinnacle of... oh nevermine) you probably get a little motion sickness every so often. some games more than others. (can you say Descent?) the screen savers have some advice on this topic.
2001.8.16 | boysen
see if you agree with GameSpy's Top 50 Computer Games.
2001.8.16 | boysen
i never knew throwing cows could be so fun? i got 400, so i can take a break now.
2001.8.16 | boysen
my brother sent me this disconcerting look back at the 80s.
2001.8.16 | boysen
i always like to hear about peoples favorite (or worst) video games. it gives me that warm, special feeling.
2001.8.15 | boysen
Human For Sale has spoken:

   You are worth exactly: $2,129,360.00.

that's just a bit above the average. i didn't lie about anything. i bet i could do better if i lied. it seems that IQ factors rather heavily.
2001.8.15 | boysen
whoa nellie, digital blasphemy has some amazing wallpapers.
2001.8.15 | boysen
here's an eye-opening interview with Prince looking at the upside-down nature of the music industry and how the Internet can save the artist(s).
2001.8.14 | boysen
you know how it's so annoying when you try to visit a site and they say you don't have the latest version of the Flash plug-in? but you know that you do? well, i've added a link on our pop-up to accomodate those frustrated visitors. 8^)
2001.8.14 | boysen
my boy started his first day of kindergarten today... i guess i really am old. i wonder how long i need to wait before i buy him the newly discounted Sega Dreamcast? amazon and buy.com still have it at $99.99.
2001.8.14 | boysen
geek + fashion = errorwear
2001.8.13 | boysen
i learned today that my company must be banning all port:666x traffic, thus no irc. 8^(
2001.8.10 | boysen
organized a bit the pages of past and current LANfests. of course, there will be more to follow...
2001.8.10 | boysen
here's a bunch of silly comments about advertising or marketing pieces, called Gallery of the Absurd. it's only kinda funny.
2001.8.9 | boysen
i had forgotten how much i liked Adcritic.com. Start the commotion!
2001.8.7 | boysen
so, do you know how much is inside that consumer goods item?
2001.8.7 | boysen
next time you order a pizza, you might want to request a "special" side item.
2001.8.6 | boysen
must have Medley.mp3 (4.6Mb)! i'm putting this one in my favorite playlist.
2001.8.6 | boysen
from the makers of one of the better online mini-golf games (see 2001.5.29) comes, Electrotank Air Hockey!
2001.8.6 | boysen
let us know if you can get the favicon to work on your system. it's a little-bitty Straw!!
2001.8.5 | boysen
over the weekend, my wife and i attended her 10-year high school reunion. the best part? watching a bunch of drunk gen-Xers attempt to look cool while dancing to the "hits" of the early 90s. 8^0
2001.8.3 | Marion
She's all done and stuff. www.clanberries.com/rebekah for pics. I'm tired.
2001.8.3 | boysen
heard about Hotwire? it's like Priceline but no bidding, just (supposedly) lower prices. are you flying to the LAN? ya might wanna check this out. 8^)
2001.8.3 | boysen
Mar and MrsMar should have some new offspring to show off. i expect to hear something later today. stay tuned.
2001.8.2 | boysen
a company called SensAble is promoting something called Haptics Research which is the wave of the future and might have been used by Customatix to make 'shoes designed by you.' who should i put on the soles of my new skate shoes?
2001.8.1 | boysen
i don't think i posted these pics before but 20 years from now, i don't want to forget what you freaks look like.