2001.9.27 | boysen
Survivor 3 contestants have been selected!
2001.9.27 | boysen
remember when Clinton said, "It depends on your what your definition of 'is' is." now we've got our Politically Correct (PC) medias' desire to call a "dog" a "a highly variable domestic mammal" instead? here's the Media Set Limits story.
2001.9.24 | boysen
i got a great email [Is Ted Nugent A Bad American?] from my brother. if i didn't know better, i would have thought that Marion wrote it.
2001.9.24 | Marion
Thank you Roo.
2001.9.19 | Marion
clanberries email is currently back online. admin[marion] made a boo-boo last night.
2001.9.18 | mailcheck.exe
clanberries email is currently offline. admin[marion] should address this problem.
2001.9.14 | FBI
The following is a copy of an email sent from former President Bill Clinton to his wife Hillary on September 10th.

I'm sorry for all the embarrassment I've caused you, please meet me at the observation deck of the World Trade Center tomorrow morning as soon as it opens so I may make it up to you.
2001.9.14 | boysen
my friend Eric gave me his permission to post his eyewitness account of Tuesday's events.
2001.9.14 | boysen
learn about how Dispicable Scamming Spammers are taking advantage of people after the Sept.11 terrorism.
2001.9.14 | Rage
All Your Smurf
2001.9.13 | boysen
Gordon Sinclair talks about something that is rarely mentioned, the fact that the US never gets any credit... or even compassion.
2001.9.13 | boysen
Anti-Attack Feds Push Carnivore
Possible Heroism on the Pittsburgh flight
Plan to Storm the Cockpit
First-Person Account on Slashdot
• Pic: Photo of Firemen the Day After
How the World Trade Center Fell
• Pic: NYTimes Cover
• Pic: WTC Before
CNNs Chronology of Events
• Pic: From the Empire State Building Webcam
2001.9.11 | boysen
today at approximately 9am EST, terrorists hi-jacked then crashed 4 commercial jets completely destroying both towers of the World Trade Center and wrecking a portion of the Pentagon in Washington. this day will be remembered in history.
2001.9.10 | boysen
i almost over-wrote Marion's posts cuz no one besides me has been making any news posts lately AND Poison (Slackmaster General) never made that news poster script he promised us. anyway, i'm a sucker anytime there's potential good news on the broadband horizon.
2001.9.6 | Marion
My mother wants you all to watch out for VERY bad weather on the coast. It's no coincidence that sharks are feeding in high numbers off the coast. Watch your undies.
2001.9.6 | Marion
You freaks need to send me any links to files you may need at the lanfest so I can burn them onto a cd. Any maps, mods etc too, shoot those links and I can download them at work and burn a disc.
2001.9.6 | boysen
ok, last one today, i promise. FlipFlopFlyin has this outrageous collection of miniscule, stylized famous people, called Minipops. someone should do one of me, but, i'm not famous... or miniscule. heh
2001.9.6 | boysen
interesting info about The History of Video Games. (i added this to our links page as well.)
2001.9.6 | boysen
how smooth are you? can you trace a bunny?
2001.9.6 | boysen
farin' icehole slime volleyball is hard!
2001.9.4 | boysen
during last week's recovery (see 8.27), i dedicated myself to watching movies, many movies. (i also beat Half-Life again.)
[1-4=terrible, 5-6=mediocre, 7-8=recommend, 9-10=rare]
  1. North by Northwest | IMDb: 8.6 | boysen: 6
  2. Strange Days | IMDb: 6.9 | boysen: 3
  3. Virtuosity | IMDb: 5.4 | boysen: 5
  4. Godfather, the | IMDb: 9 | boysen: 6
  5. Godfather, Part 2 | IMDb: 8.9 | boysen: 5
  6. Almost Famous | IMDb: 8.3 | boysen: 5
  7. O Brother, Where Art Thou? | IMDb: 8 | boysen: 6
  8. The Manchurian Candidate | IMDb: 8.4 | boysen: 7
  9. What's Eating Gilbert Grape | IMDb: 7.4 | boysen: 8
  10. The 6th Day | IMDb: 6.1 | boysen: 6
  11. The Kid | IMDb: 6.4 | boysen: 5
  12. The Green Mile | IMDb: 8.2 | boysen: 9
2001.9.1 | boysen
got an email from SpankU today. dunno how many of you remember him but he's still good friends with ChuckBerry (who needs to get onLINE, giddyup). he wanted us to know about Straw's latest endeavor. "match in the gas tank, boom boom."