2001.10.26 | Marion
Like Quake 3? Hate lag? Try our server at unlagged.clanberries.com. It runs a no-lag mod from Alternate Fire
2001.10.26 | boysen
don't you want to keep up with any info regarding Internet2?
2001.10.24 | Wax
I present to you, J-Lo's Magical Butt.
2001.10.24 | boysen
hilarious article over at ESPN about the total absurdity that is the 2001 NFL season.
2001.10.24 | boysen
there are some amazing sites over at FlashForward 2001 including: Tera Group, Frog's Leap Winery, Levitated and Extreme Fonts. of course, it's always cool to see what Eric Davis has been up to. lately? the latest verison of 2Advanced. these sites are the best of the best, people. make sure you vote for your favorite.
2001.10.19 | boysen
Poi found this funny Flash movie.
2001.10.18 | boysen
what's great is that all three of these injured players are on my roster, don't i rule?
2001.10.18 | boysen
Got the demos and some screenshots up at LAN2k1, CA 2v2 Tourney. BTW, Wax did a good job with that pic page. 8^)
2001.10.18 | boysen
Notepad has powers you never knew about.
2001.10.18 | USA-Nixon
Redid up the pics for the LanFest.
2001.10.17 | boysen
very inspiring email called, Who's an American?
2001.10.17 | boysen
got the LAN demos and spreadsheet from Nodes and will be working to put it all together. it shouldn't take too long, 'cept that i got this new laptop at work and i'm not allowed to install any software on it. mwuahhahah.
2001.10.13 | Wax
LanFest Pics are up, courtesy of Apoc. Thanks man.
2001.10.13 | Wax
Good News: I have Lan pics. Bad news: I havent posted them yet. They need tweaked and whatnot, got a good one of boysen picking his nose. I'll post them within the next day or two, i do have some Compaq studyin' to take care of.
2001.10.12 | Wax
Classic CTF has been released for Q3A, bringing together Old school CTF and Quake. At long last combining Boysen's two worlds.
2001.10.12 | Marion
Some things are just odd.
2001.10.12 | boysen
i'm still looking for LAN screenshots from Wax, Lycan, Alp, Holy and Poi. what's the hold up fellas?
2001.10.11 | MrsMar
Bert Mystery Solved!
2001.10.11 | Wax
Jedi is a formal religion in the UK. Brits are always on the uptake....
2001.10.8 | Marion
If you haven't seen this tribute to the September 11th events, check it out. It's good work.
2001.10.7 | boysen
LAN2001 was a great event! want to especially thank our Wisconsin hosts, the Mar family, the Poi family and the Node family.

our own Wax joined Apoc to win the CA 2v2 tourney, with Mar and Sinister taking second. we took demos so we'll get those up pretty soon with a bunch of pics as well. it was a great time and hopefully, we can do more of these in the future. Wax and Lycan are looking into possibly hosting one near Pittsburgh. personally, i got jazzed by playing old school ctf1 again. 8^)
2001.10.5 | boysen
the gangs all here! we got Marion, MrsMar, Poison, MrsPoi, Alpine, Boysen, Lycan, Wax, Holy, Node, MrsNode and bunch of others that will be attending the LAN tomorrow. tonights task? Mar spent a portion of his 401(k) buying 14lbs of fireworks (complete w/ Wisconsin permit) and we're gonna shoot them all off... hope the cops come. 8^)
2001.10.5 | boysen
woot! Alpine picked me up at O'hare and now we're in Marion's basement, doing laundry, eating Little Debbies and making our first news post for LAN2001! More to follow...
2001.10.4 | boysen
not a moment too soon, i discoverd LANparty.com!
2001.10.3 | boysen
crazy report from ZD about a W3C plan to charge for Web content. what's up with that? surely, someone is mistaken.
2001.10.2 | boysen
anyone have the desire to kill bunches of bin Ladens?
2001.10.1 | boysen
mere days before the LAN and we get Wax's revelation that he's a "baller"... his courage knows no bounds.