2002.1.31 | boysen
oh man does this new Handspring Treo look cool! coming soon... about the time of my birthday? my precious...
2002.1.29 | boysen
HotJobs.com brings us a list of interesting work-related infobits. Here's my favorite:

"A waitress had the flu, but went to work so she could buy her son a birthday present. A sympathetic customer left a big tip: $1,000."
2002.1.29 | boysen
i'd visit if i could, but i can't, so i won't. but you can visit YourMom.com.
2002.1.25 | boysen
at first, i wondered why Dirt could never come to our LANs, but after finding Dirty's personal page, i'm no longer surprised that he's hidden himself behind his online persona. please don't send him harrassing emails, i feel for the guy.
2002.1.25 | boysen
just thought of something, doesn't Roots go to Georgia? i sure hope that wasn't him playin' the VRitC. (Voyeur Rapist in the Closet) Maybe he can shed some light on the subject, Roots?
2002.1.24 | boysen
i just heard a hilarious take on the Jim Rome Show. Rome said:
"Here's a message to all Georgia basketball players. If your buddy is making time with his lady friend, how about NOT being in the closet?"
this is in reference to the latest goings on at the University of Georgia.
2002.1.22 | boysen
You know you just can't kill a man when he's dead.
You know the spirit survives. (Invincible!)
You can't stop the advance of the kingdom to come.
You know the truth is alive. (Invincible!)
--"Invicible" [sample 494k] by Skillet
2002.1.22 | boysen
Wax made a great point about Favre's outstanding performance against the Rams on Sunday. I wanted to delve a bit deeper.

Favre only had 15 pics in the regular season so, to expect him to "break out" of his interception slump come playoff time, just wasn't being realistic. But boy, he proved us wrong. I mean really?!? Look at his competition... these are the season leaders!

24 Trent Green "Interception GrandMaster"
Best Game: 4 vs. DEN

23 Payton Manning "Pic Sensai"
Best Game: 4 vs. SF

22 Aaron Brooks "ErrantToss Magnus"
Best Game(s): 4 vs. TB, 4 vs. SF

22 Kurt Warner "Spread The Ball To All"
Best Game: 4 vs. NO

22 Jon Kitna "Grasshopper PicThrower"
Best Game(s): 3 vs. SD, 3 vs. NYJ, 3 vs. BAL

[The most interceptions thrown in a season was 28, by the legendary Jim Kelly and his "almost won" Bills.]

Brett will now go down in history. He tied the freakin' record!! He's up with the greats, like Frank Filchock of the New York Giants. Bobby Layne and his Detroit "air attack." Remember Norm Van Brocklin, when the Rams were in LA? All these guys "went off" with six pics in a single game! Now don't forget that all those cats ran their game during the 40s and 50s. Not since Jay Scrhoeder threw 5 against the Bills in 1990 have we seen interception madness of this magnitude. Favre is today's interception guru! Someday I'll look back and remember where I was, and what I was doing, the day Favre tossed six... wow. [source]
2002.1.21 | boysen
interesting article on whether convergence starts with the PC or the TV.
2002.1.18 | boysen
fun debate on MJ vs. Jerry Rice.
2002.1.17 | boysen
i am full of it today! need an new online persona? try one of these name generators!
2002.1.17 | boysen
wax was telling me that he was impressed with a friend of his who built an actual human skull into his custom computer case. i, of course, said he was sick and needed psychiatric attention. then i heard about a site that's sure to please anyone else suffering from a major case of bad taste, it's called Hats of Meat.
2002.1.17 | boysen
*** this just in ***
Mar disabled berry mail. I repeat Mar disabled berry mail. He's know to be armed and dangerous and could be heading your way. Do not try to apprehend this known felon. Please contact the authorities with any knowledge concerning the whereabouts of this person. Thank you.
2002.1.17 | boysen
i can't state it strongly enough, our nation needs to facilitate true, universal broadband if we're going to have any hope of maintaining our technology edge. support Technet!
2002.1.17 | boysen
wow, that was a messy post. but what should i expect. i got on Wax for being AWOL lately and he did his best to represent. but why were you in a message board about fettishes? blimey freak!

(just an fyi, next time use target="_blank" on joor links homey.)
2002.1.16 | wax
Apparently Boyso's calling me out for not being "online" as of late. To which my ladyfriend replies "i knew i didn't like him...." Speaking of Boyso, he's tellin me that Mark Cuban is some kind of saint, because he worked at DQ for like an hour or something. My money's on dude started sniffin the sprinkles, and won't be invited back. Which reminds me of this time me and kenny were walkin to Omar's house. It was a tuesday, i believe it was in january of last year, and the weather was typical of any normal January Minnesota day. You see omar had just lost his hand in a tragic wife-caught-me-with-the-neighbors-college-daughter-home-on-christmas-break-and-ran-me-down-with-a-snowmobile type accident (completely unavoidable) So we were headed over to you know take his mind off it. Turns out omar wasn't home, so we headed over to his neighbors house just to check and see what was up, no dice. Anywho on the way home we decided to stop at Wal-mart and pick up an extra pair of socks, cuz my feet were cold. I get there and low and behold they are all out of thermal socks that fit a shoe size of 8-12 mens. I weigh out my options, and decide just go crazy and get the 13-18 size socks, i figure i wear a 11 1/2, i'd be cool, right. Hells no, i ended up just wrapping the bloody things around my ankles they were so large. Well push came to shove and i knew kenny's socks would fit me, so i decided i'd lead the unfortunate soul into an alley and get his socks the hard way. Apparently, the cops said i would have been in prison for a shorter stay had i just taken them off instead of cutting off his feet.

I figure that oughta tide ya'll over for atleast another month of non-posting, and/or e-mail correspondence. Also, I believe i'm the first person to link to something pertaining to a foot fetish from within a news post...and i *bow*.
2002.1.16 | boysen
the ideology of DNS has been subverted. can we ever go back?
2002.1.16 | boysen
it's a sad day when AdCritic goes offline. 8^(
2002.1.15 | boysen
after watching Fear Factor last night, i feel like i've been forever tainted. (dreams can be scary.) i mean really, i didn't need the FDA to tell me that i shouldn't eat cow brains.
2002.1.13 | boysen
for the first pic of 2002, here's Cuban showing off a nifty T-shirt.
2002.1.13 | boysen
anytime the Lakers loser it's fine by me. last night, losing to league worst Bulls was even better. but to top if off, Shaq got ejected for fighting. it's all good.
2002.1.11 | boysen
don't know how many of you follow the NBA but Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban is a gem. he's a successful business man who loves basketball and isn't afraid to speak his mind. he's always getting fined by the league for his comments. (i don't know why he doesn't have freedom of speech.) here's the kicker, in one pop on Tuesday, he was fined $500,000 for criticizing Ed Rush, league director of officials.

so after saying Rush couldn't manage a DQ, DQ invited Cuban to give it try. the best part, Cuban takes them up on it!

I'm putting Cuban in that elite catagory with McEnroe and Walton who don't care about how it might make them look, they say what they believe, darn the consequences.
2002.1.11 | boysen
big news on the BBC regarding the 'snip.' the process replaces previously painful words "incision" and "cauterise" with equally disturbing words like, "cooking the tissue."
2002.1.10 | boysen
i hate the Washington Post, but Who's Holding Back Broadband? is a great article and, i think, a cheifly true explanation of why broadband hasn't grown in the US like the experts predicted. (The Christian Science Monitor or WorldNetDaily are news sites w/o the liberal agenda in many of the Post's articles.)
2002.1.10 | boysen
Observation: It doesn't matter what's really in the pot, just as long as they call it coffee, people will drink it.

"What the?... This doesn't taste like any coffee i ever drank. Oh well, I need more caffeine."
2002.1.5 | wax
In what makes me feel like the oldest twenty year old in the world, Haeley turns 3 today. And to make the day even more interesting my friend had a baby boy. Hoho, so fast they grow up.