2002.2.27 | boysen
who's up for re-designing Clanberries.com? i want more people to be able to post, so maybe i'll just use Movable Type to build us berries a blog.
2002.2.27 | boysen
just so you know, i know what's on your hard drive.
2002.2.25 | boysen
For anyone interested, I launched version 4 of Tminus9 tonight. Let boysen know what you think. 8^)
2002.2.24 | Marion
To those of you who like to screw with other peoples fun by flooding servers and/or downing them, I'll remind you to read your ISPs terms of service. This is a violation of any ISPs TOS. Also, I am working with legislators to make this sort of action illegal by State and/or Federal law as well. They already have some items out there, but I'd like the vocabulary more encompassing.
2002.2.24 | Marion
Lanfest anyone? As some of you are aware, I am starting to plan a small lan this summer. By small, I mean that I expected just a few guys to show up, but already I've had many of the guys from last year say they will be here this time too, and when I spoke to Node today, he said to count him in as well. I'd like to know what month would be best for this thing. Email me at marion@clanberries.com and let's get it done. The place this time will have rigs setup with most games installed already, and leather recliners. Cost (it may have gone up a bit, I will verify) $10 for the night! Anyhoo, you can bring your own rig (Apoc) if you want, they don't mind.
2002.2.21 | boysen
Ever been curious about the origins of Lorum Ipsum?
2002.2.21 | boysen
Happy Birthday Wax! Be careful tonight when you're out loading up on apple cider.
2002.2.21 | boysen
I love these things: Websites You Should Never Ever Go To
2002.2.21 | boysen
In honor of Rage's CILS (Change in Life Status), I want to remind everyone about some of the more frequent infractions of our Clanberry Charter:

Section 3.2.b
No clanberry shall ever, under any circumstance, be featured on the television show COPS. Such an event will call for actions outlined in Section 7.0.

Section 3.2.g
No clanberry shall portray himself/herself as a vagrant for means of collecting charity.

Section 3.4.d
No clanberry shall say anything disrespectful about any of the Fruit of the Loom guys.

Section 3.4.r
No clanberry shall say anything false or untrue about Bob Costas. Disparaging his character is strictly frowned upon.

Section 5.1.p
Clanberries should never attempt "bopping", "boogieing", "popping", "locking", "hitting", "breaking", "jiving" (hand-jiving or otherwise), "belly-dancing" or "the robot" without express, written consent from Clanberries Dance Counsil. If you are unsure whether a specific dance move is in question, please refer to Gino's Urban Dance Choreography Vidoes that can be purchased at: http://www.pfunkonline.com
2002.2.16 | Poison
Ahh, sad. But I am glad such a place does exist.
2002.2.15 | boysen
gonna get educational for a second. i would wager that most of you thought "separation of church and state" was somewhere in our country's constitution or at least, Declaration of Independance. but it isn't. learn for yourself how Nine Men Changed America.
2002.2.14 | boysen
I just love the Olympics. Not for the reason you think, but for the names. I love those crazy names. I walk around saying them quietly, just to amuse myself. Here are the official Top 5 Names of the 2002 Olympics:

#5 Jochem Uytdehaage (YOE-come oust DAH-hah-gen) - Netherlands
Those crazy Dutch. Personally, I can't get enough of the double-vowells. This speed skater took gold in the 5000m with a new world record. All that and he gets to hear YOE-come, YOE-come all day long. What a life.

#4 Georg Hackl (GAY-org HAH-kel) - Germany
Good ole Gay-org has a silly name to begin with, but when you hear his nickname, you'll never forget it. I'm serious, you won't. His countrymen have given him the nickname, "Long White Sausage." I'm not making that up. Add that to the fact that he's the greatest Luger of all time, with medals in 5 consecutive games. Now, if the Olympics aren't great, I don't know what is.

#3 Apolo Anton Ohno - USA
Just from the name, I'd never guess this guy was an American. But how cool is the name Apolo? He's like a superhero. He's got his spandex and his yellow helmet. Got the muscular body and everything. When the Olympics are over, he can take over the Gotham crime-fighting responsibilities.

#2 Yang Yang (A) & Yang Yang (S) - China
These short track racers have the same freakin' name!?! Their first name is the same as their last name, and vice versa. (Chinese are so creative.) To top that, there are two of 'em in the same event! They had to give them some extra intitials to tell them apart. That's just hilarious.

#1 Lasse Kjus (LAH-seh CHOOCE) - Norway
How can you not like this name? It's the best! I just Americanize it and call him Lottsa Juice. And he delivers too! He took the silver in this years Downhill. He's my fav, hands down.
2002.2.13 | boysen
e·piph·a·ny     A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

this tells me that up in Wisconsin parents favor speed-skating over more traditional sports like basketball, football, etc. with this newly found information, i can better understand why Mar, MrsMar, and Poison are the way they are. 8^P
2002.2.12 | boysen
there can never be too many Madlibs. i was playing with StoryFun at MIT and got this Personal Ad:

Single humid male, 11' tall, 71 lbs, in search of single/divorced gaudy female. I like to sterilize, take long marbles by the rocket, or just partition with a good boombox. If you enjoy sprinting, prancing or going out for baseball card, then this could be the gorilla you're looking for.
2002.2.11 | boysen
top level domains (TLDs) have grown like crazy over the last year. now, you can buy almost anything from afternic. and apparently, .us is also coming. now, this might be a TLD that'll get some attention. the National Telecommunications and Information Administration has actually asked for your thoughts on the subject. were you been sad because someone took yourname.com? you might want to consider yourname.us.
2002.2.8 | boysen
what does it take to be a marketing wiz? apparently, a simple idea like hiding any information about a company or product but promoting it anyway. you're creating a buzz. sure it's expensive, but that's why you get paid the "big bucks." just like what Ogilvy & Mather did with mlife.
2002.2.6 | boysen
i know some of you will be interested in Shari's Berries.
2002.2.5 | boysen
i thought Colorgenics was going to be cool and useful. it turned out just to be cool, for me at least.
2002.2.5 | boysen
i wonder if this TeleZapper thingee really works?
2002.2.1 | boysen
speaking of toys that i want but don't really need, look at Toshiba's new laptop. it's supposedly the worlds thinnest, taking the title from the previous chamption, Ally McBeal. bah, bum-bum *crash*