2002.3.27 | boysen
Rage tracked down the Web reference to beloved Mayor's most recent encounter with the law. you'd think Marion would learn from his past mistakes, but the call of the white powder king keeps drawing him back in.
2002.3.26 | boysen
how many of you guys remember Blues? i used to go there every day, but haven't been back for several years. does that mean i've grown up or could it possibly mean that they've matured and left me behind? the latter.
2002.3.22 | boysen
a recent study produced the book, When Nations Die, which outline the facts that America (even though currently high on national pride) has all the symptoms of a nation dying. Dr. Bright had a short mention of it in his weekly email. don't let it take you by surprise.
2002.3.21 | boysen
oh muh gootness! this last part of Medal of Honor (M6L3) is brutal! i've died at least 60 times!!! somebody help the boy. i'm trying to get someone over in the MoH forum to help me out. found a very thorough walkthrough, but of course, the part i need is "coming soon." 8^/
2002.3.20 | boysen
did everyone know this but me?!? NBA players on the IR aren't really injured.
2002.3.20 | boysen
it's been awhile since i've seen a Web site that's impressed me, especially one from a well-known entity. but the Survivor site on CBS.com is very cool. go in and look at the Rating Trends and Sole Survivor Flash pages.
2002.3.15 | boysen
Michael Eisner (Disney CEO) has some nerve. he's trying to stop people from stealing his company's products! what's the world coming to. don't worry though, it'll never happen.
2002.3.11 | Marion
You know why some Democrats are racist? Because they don't believe minorities can survive without their *help*.
2002.3.11 | Marion
You know why some Republicans are racist? Because Democrats say they are.
2002.3.11 | Marion
With everything that has gone on, aren't you glad too that we never knew a President Gore?
2002.3.9 | boysen
We Were Soldiers was an amazing movie. i saw it yesterday and it will haunt me for a long time.
2002.3.7 | boysen
if you've ever wondered what song you're hearing on the TV, now you might find the answer at Music from TV Commercials.
2002.3.5 | boysen
dvd has been berry, berry good to me.
2002.3.5 | boysen
poison doesn't really know HTML (i think he uses that bizarre Microsoft indoctrination tool called FrontPage) so I'll post his email for him. it's called The Ant and the Grasshopper.
2002.3.1 | boysen
i'm always up for a silly music-movie from TMBG.