2002.5.28 | America
Just a little reminder... If you see a terrorist, kill it. Be careful, there may be dumbasses posing as terrorists, just hurt them, but kill the terrorists. Your mother will thank you.
2002.5.22 | boysen
Wax is more than you know. apparently, he also has something to do with the first movie ever uploaded onto the Internet. hmmm....
2002.5.22 | boysen
life isn't about money
2002.5.16 | boysen
well, it was much better than Episode 1 but the storyline just wasn't very engaging. the special effects were truly special and there was much more action. well worth seeing but don't expect The Lord of Rings. (actually, one of the highlights were the previews for next years Matrix movies.)
2002.5.16 | boysen
Episode 2 is coming out today. i'll give you my take momentarily. Slate, with whom i almost always disagree, says it's "better than you've heard." (note: some spoilers)
2002.5.16 | boysen
oh my schnookums, Motorola's new A388 is schweet!
2002.5.13 | boysen
we've all called Marion lots of names over the years (i've even got a few i use as expletives from time to time) but he's still Marion Berry. RIM has been using BlackBerry as a name for their mobile devices and that's all well and good. but they can't start using both BlackBerry and CrackBerry!
2002.5.10 | boysen
i'm a sucker for futuristic thrillers like Minority Report, even though Cruise is an unusally tall midget. ok, you guessed it... i'm just jealous that he gets to play in movies and i have to work at a healthcare bureaucracy.
2002.5.9 | boysen
gentlemen, start your engines! my new favorite tech company, IBM, has partnered with Butterfly.net to launch a "massive grid" for online gaming. can you say "Woot!"?
2002.5.9 | boysen
most of you know that HP and Compaq merged in the not-so-distant past. now with layoffs looming, i'm asking, "Where is this company headed?"

you'd think they would take the strengths from each brand, discard the rubbish and live on those efficiency gains, but according to their product roadmap they're just going to keep on selling Pavilions and Presarios, just like they used to do. where's the logic in that?

one of the truly revolutionary books i've read in my life is Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind which was published in 1981 is still vitally relevant today.
Memo to Carleton Fiorina: Read the book. Twice if you have to.
2002.5.8 | boysen
for those of you still playing Q3 online, here are some Quake III Speed Tips. ZDNet also has a fun story about The 10 products I couldn't live without which has that, stranded on a dessert island feel to it. (don't know where you'll plug everything in, but...)
2002.5.7 | boysen
i saw today that Doom 3 was announced. they gave no date so i don't know how valuable the "announcement" was since most everyone already knew that's what id has been working on. sheesh
2002.5.6 | boysen
just after i post about the "big boys" trying to squeeze out the innovators (Internet Radio) it's happening again. a federal magistrate is ording Sonicblue (maker of ReplayTV) to spy on its subscribers. behind the scenes, it's the TV and Movie industries not liking what the innovators are doing with digital video recorders (DVRs) and they want to stop it in it's tracks. it's Napster all over again.
2002.5.2 | boysen
RIAA is trying to kill the small guy. do what you can to Save Internet Radio.
2002.5.1 | boysen
found a tricky little mind-game on brand achievemnt:
Three men decide to buy a second-hand black and white TV set. They find the one they want. It's 30, 10 each. After they've left the shop, the manager returns and tells his assistant that the TV should have been 25, not 30, and instructs him to give them back 5. On finding the men, the assistant realises that 5 does not divide evenly three ways. He thus gives each man 1 and pockets the remaining 2. They have now paid 9 each. Three times 9 equals 27, plus the 2 that the assistant kept totals 29. So what happened to the other 1?
2002.5.1 | boysen
you all need to know about the imminent invasion.