2002.6.27 | boysen
is Seinfeld coming back to TV? E-online thinks it could happen.
2002.6.26 | boysen
just when we felt safe not to hear more about Enron, here comes WorldCom!
2002.6.25 | boysen
meetup is a very interesting concept. now that i've visited the Louisville page, i'm looking forward to meeting some of my fellow Russell Crowe fans. ;^)

and this timecube guy is a freak.
2002.6.24 | boysen
is the mega ad the future of web advertising?
2002.6.20 | boysen
it's easy to see why this negative, oversimplification of life was not appreciated by over 60% of viewers. microsoft did not run the ad long.
2002.6.19 | boysen
simply amazing. give it up for old people! i hope i'm in this kind of shape at age 45.
2002.6.18 | boysen
alltheweb now claims to be the largest search index on the Net. try typing in your real name and see all the places where you've left your mark on the Web.
2002.6.17 | boysen
no one should ever question a Korean's determination. (or their sanity for that matter) whilst on a soccer topic, get a load of the (manly?) argentina team.
2002.6.17 | boysen
i'm guilty... and i'm sorry. i've neglected to hip you berries to the joy that is Simmons. i'm not talking about Richard either. Bill Simmons has to be one of the funniest writers i've ever come across. maybe it's because he reminds me of myself and i'm completely self-absorbed, but either way, you have got to read his take on the recent National Spelling Bee. as he is oft to say, it's "high comedy."
2002.6.17 | boysen
the new Rush CD rocks!

plain and simple these guys put out consistently innovative sounds. [if you're into the Japanese version for some reason, it's an extra 20. only people with too much money "need" this.]
2002.6.12 | boysen
can't help but laugh at RWebb's Shaq bashing.
2002.6.12 | boysen
Clinton might not have "inhaled" but he learned some other stuff from his days in college, specifically how to trash a place.
2002.6.10 | boysen
remember QuakeCon? what was once very cool seems to be having a down year. oh but back in '96... i should have driven down. doh!
2002.6.7 | boysen
Now let this be a lesson fer ye or ya will have ta walk thee plank matey. Food fer thought or thee sharks. Garrrr!! I've written 10 new Articles for the Clanberries. If'n ya don't like 'em, yer on the wrong side of my sword ya scallyway. Arrghhh!!

2002.6.4 | boysen
SPAM is coming to a DVR near you! this eventuality should be acknowledged by tech minded folks everywhere, but that doesn't mean we're going to have to take it sitting down. (get it? sitting down? like on the couch? shesshhh...)
2002.6.3 | boysen
i can see things were berry busy in Berrytown while i was gone. other than America's post, it seems little took place while i was busy fighting Pakistani militants near Srinagar. well? ... someone has to try and stave off the eventual nuclear holocust that will destroy us all.