2002.7.31 | boysen
Lou Holtz ironically told the press this joke twice yesterday:
At a nursing home, Art Linkletter asks a lady if she knows who he is. No, said the lady, but if you go to the front desk, they'll tell you.
Simply classic.
2002.7.29 | boysen
i don't know if you guys saw this pic of Clinton/Bush taken at the Korean DMZ, but it's slightly amusing. you have to wonder what Clinton was thinking. "Just keep pretending. Don't let them see you sweat. I can pull this off, the media loves me." And sure enough, back when the picture was taken, did any of you see this photo in the mainstream media?
2002.7.28 | Marion
Alright, now that this year's lan is over, I've decided to start planning next years early. We are NOT playing lan games at next years party, instead we are going to Cedar Point! Start making plans today. I'm hoping people can look at their schedules and figure something out for next year. This will be a family thing so, Wax don't pull that crap like last year!
2002.7.26 | boysen
sweet use of Flash in ESPN's Sport Nation Map. other states love football, or baseball or curling, but Kentucky tops the nation with 33% saying college basketball is their favorite sport!
2002.7.26 | boysen
the House has passed a ban on Partial Birth Abortions. now it's the Senates turn but Daschle has to call the vote. in the past, each time it got to the President, Clinton vetoed the bill. this is a horrific practice that should be stopped. do your part and sign the petition.
2002.7.24 | boysen
want to know what a real man is? here's an excerpt from ESPN:
HILVERSUM, Holland -- John Daly is so determined to play in this week's Dutch Open on the European Tour, the former double-major winner is defying medical advice and using Superglue to bond a wound on his hand.

Daly also revealed on Wednesday that he played 13 holes at last week's British Open one-handed.

The 36-year-old American's right hand was bleeding so badly on Wednesday at the Hilversumsche course, after undergoing emergency surgery last Saturday night by a local doctor, that he decided to take the drastic measure of glueing his hand to stop the bleeding.
2002.7.23 | boysen
shazam! Wax has stumbled across a modern day Roswell. what do you think about all these sites that share the same backend? insideous conspiracy or synergistic capitalism?
2002.7.18 | boysen
these people need to be put out of their (our) misery for doing what amounts to setting fire to the Mona Lisa by covering Fly By Night. i think my ears are bleeding.
2002.7.17 | boysen
this has to be one of the most touching stories i've ever heard.
2002.7.15 | boysen
we shouldn't rush to be a digital man but rather take some time to be an analog kid and contemplate the "real" world around us, then beyond.
2002.7.12 | Marion
So Big Bird is getting a new friend, HIV Positive. Seriously, the folks at Sesame Street are planning to add HIV+ as a character. They want to "teach" kids that HIV is "ok." NO IT ISN'T! This made me a little upset so I'll divulge to you all once more the cure for the AIDS disease. I've posted this before, and spoken about it many times. It's simple really and if administered will fully wipe out the AIDS epidemic. First, stop having unprotected sex. Second, stop the sharing of needles from junkies. Those two steps alone can wipe out AIDS. It's simple, cheap and very effective. All we need now is an enforcement agency/device. Anyone up for a law that says if you get AIDS you get sent to jail for life (provided you didn't get it from an infected blood supply at a hospital stay or something)? It's got my vote.
2002.7.12 | boysen
if you haven't heart of yatta, don't stop, don't pass go, but go straight to Irrational Exuberance.
2002.7.9 | boysen
i rarely pass up the chance to make fun of my friends up in the great state of Wisconsin. so now i'm reading Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) take a couple shots at Milwaukee as he adds another notch to his bedpost by visiting the new Miller Stadium. i'm thinking, "Everyone needs to know about Wisconsinites only partially hidden love affair with ultra-high fat content foods." is this a hideous topic or what?
2002.7.9 | boysen
cam (unaware propagandist) has saved one of the most unique pieces of spam i've ever seen. ever wonder how all those spam companies are intertwined?
2002.7.8 | boysen
why can't we all be color blind, then maybe all this racial prejudice would go away. heck, it's only melanine.
2002.7.8 | boysen
mad props to Marion for his news post 'bout the LAN even if it was a week late. (everyone knows Mar is a bit slow.) but i tell you one thing, knowing that paintball is now part of the event, i will redouble my efforts to make the next LAN, this much i vow.
2002.7.8 | Marion
Lan anyone?  Just so you goobers know, we did hold a lan this year.  Not many people showed up because they "had other things to do."  It ended up being just six people, Me, Poison, Rem, Alpine, some hand smasher named Ice Man, and Quazar even showed, boysen did not.  <lies>I won every game we played, btw.</lies>  Let's see, we played... Quake-SuckMods™, Quake III-OSP, Unreal Tournament, Warcraft III, C&C Renegade, Doom II and pong.  Rem and Ice, pretty much cleaned house in Q3, while I sat there like a 6 year old school girl who just skinned her knee jumping off a see saw.  I rocked UT though, and Poison cried like a 6 year old school boy who just got the bad end of the see saw.

We played games Friday night and part of Saturday (June 28-30).  Saturday night we took time out to check out Mr. Deeds at the big screen.

The real fun came Sunday where, after Alp and the boys woke up (we started at 4pm, slackers), we played some paintball.  I'll keep this part short... I rocked!  I capped the flag once and nailed Alp and Rem (a few times) because they were on the other team.  Once, whilst running into a shack to shoot a guy I saw poking his gun out like a girl, I tried to stop and get a decent shot (the floor was slippery) and slid out of the back of the house...  I nailed my prey in the back like Billy the Kid and got railed from my right by three future militia men.  Tip, when you shoot someone in paintball, or see them get shot, STOP SHOOTING!  Jeez.  Anyhoo, that prey turned out to be Alpine... muhahaha!

We then ran home to shower and headed for Summerfest.  Rem, and Ice ran to see Local H while I took off with Alp and Poison to see the inner workings of the fest (poi developed a sweet web interface for the Fest to do it's bookings, ticket counts and a bunch of other crap), then I grabbed a Saz'z BBQ pork sammich, and listened to Charlie Daniels sing The Devil went down to Georgia.  We got there late, and midnight crept up fast, so we herded out to catch a shuttle back to our cars, and that was pretty much it.  Oh, yea, Thanks to the girl who gave me cushion during the press, and to Ice Man for making sure I didn't fall down.

2002.7.2 | boysen
anybody heard of Palladium? apparently, it's the next-gen version of Windows that's hardware dependant. but Coursey wonders: can trust microsoft to deliver?