2002.8.30 | boysen

your perspective colors all your circumstances. are you basically an optimistic person? or is the world against you? do you "get out there" and "take the bull by the horns"? or do you sit back and wait for stuff to happen? do you actively investigate the meaning of life? after all, we've only got one life so we'd be wise to seek its ultimate answer.
2002.8.29 | boysen

these are things that are largely out of your control. where were born? who are your parents? are you naturally smart? or attractive? or wealthy?
2002.8.28 | boysen

your experience is your life.
2002.8.27 | boysen
more important than E=MC2 is C+P=E. more to follow...
2002.8.26 | boysen
it is truly ironic.

all in the span of a week. on Sunday Louisville brought home the Little League World Championship to a nation of ultra-patriotic Americans. while on Friday, the "big boys" are ready to quit playing America's Game because they're not making enough money. even the kids know better.

i feel it's safe to put a large portion of the blame on the players union. unions have essentially outlived their usefulness. they were important in the early stages of our nation's industrial revolution when there wasn't the widespread media coverage capable of pointing out any employer injustice, but now they simply encourage the status quo while stiffling free markets--the very agent of our nation's prosperity.

and not to make this unduely political, but yes, the Democrats are the big union backers. they know that they'll get guarenteed votes from the union bloc. because what else can a union worker do? go against the union?!?
2002.8.23 | boysen
i just want to encourage all you fried-food eatin', no-vegetable chewin', soft-drink-beer swillin', never-exercizing, always-on-your-ass-sittin', couldn't-run-a-mile-slackers out there to, eat fresh! or obesity awaits. [disclaimer: i am not a Subway franchise owner]
2002.8.22 | boysen
just got my fantasy football draft results, or scrubs, as i should like to rename my team. after getting Peyton Manning in the first round, i proceeded to get none of the Top7 RBs or WRs. can you say, "screwg'd"? let's not all freak out yet, i've got madFFLskillz and can right the ship. just let me think... ("...which currently unknown WR is gonna break out this year and bring me those points i so desperately need... hmm...")
2002.8.15 | Holy
it should be noted that Tiny Planets will soon be in the mix.
2002.8.14 | Marion
Nuff Said!
2002.8.12 | boysen
i would be remiss if i did not post a link to Wolfenstein 5K.
2002.8.12 | boysen
malevole - another adjectiveanimal weblog
2002.8.12 | boysen
i don't know who invented work, but i'm very mad at them today.
2002.8.6 | boysen
i'm offline 'til Sunday celebrating our 10-year anniversary. pretty amazing that a wonderful lady like my wife would be able to love me this long. 8^)
2002.8.4 | boysen
going to see Rush's Vapor Trail tour tonight in Cincy. i'm stoked.
2002.8.4 | boysen
came across Mindcomet's swifty-cool site. i shoulda known it'd be hip since Christopher Schmitt is involved.