2002.9.27 | boysen
it might be nothing, but you should know that Amazon is changing their privacy statement.
2002.9.26 | boysen
has anyone out there used Audible.com? interesting concept. you can get a free Otis if you sign up for a year.

while i'm looking at subscription-based sites, are any of you members of NetFlix? another interesting endeavor that may just work.
2002.9.25 | boysen
our good Muslim friends are likely planning a cyber attack. this is even more cowardly than the suicide/homicide bombers. how they claim to have honor is beyond me.
2002.9.24 | Marion
I've said it before and apparently some people think I'm kidding... ATTENTION! Ugly people, PLEASE do not reproduce. Just stop. Please. Also, if anyone gets the chance, could you please beat the crap out of Madelyne Toogood or me? Is it odd that her first name begins with MAD? I find it striking that she actually looked around before she started hitting the kid to see if anyone could see her. I hope the jury takes this into consideration when they put the smackdown on her... give her justice, then give her death.
2002.9.23 | boysen
ok. wax came down and couldn't stop talking about how everything was so green and that he never knew the world could be so beautiful. maybe his hometown is too close to Cleveland?
2002.9.18 | boysen
just wanted to let everyone know that Wax is driving down for a visit this weekend. they say that after someone leaves the wasteland to visit paradise, they'll never go back. in this case, i hope it's not true. ;^)
2002.9.12 | boysen
Florida democrats are playing the sames games with the voting equipment as they did in the Presidential election, but this time they're playing these games with themselves.
2002.9.12 | boysen
How Is A Man, Like An Ant?
2002.9.10 | boysen
seriously funny trailer for Seinfeld's upcoming Comedian movie.
2002.9.10 | Marion
Never let anyone tell you that our cause is unjust. Terrorists, and those who help them, need to be eliminated
2002.9.9 | boysen
this article, called Dive Into Accessibility, has done something no other story on this topic has ever done... make me care enough to learn about accessibility issues on the Web.
2002.9.6 | boysen
people who think that the Mainstream Media (ABC, CBS, CNN, etc.) is impartial and unbiased are naive to the Nth degree. business interests, political interests and other factors all go into what you can and can't watch on the evening news. Project Censored (2001) was written to uncover the top stories that aren't making it to you. ...very worthwhile... as long as you trust that they're telling you the whole story. *grin*
2002.9.5 | boysen
oh that's an interesting take, coming from Mr. My House is Made Out of Gouda.
2002.9.4 | Marion
Spoken like a *true* southerner.
2002.9.4 | boysen (sore jaw)
if anyone ever asks you if you'd like to have some dental work done, don't give in to temptation. it's not all that.
2002.9.3 | boysen
for all of you who are considering higher education, the numbers don't lie when it comes to putting a value on an MBA.