2002.10.30 | boysen
these crazy kids call their website blackpeopleloveus.com. stereotypes, while sometimes helpful, are rarely accurate. speaking of accurate, try the test over at All Look Same. let us know how well (poor) you do.
2002.10.28 | boysen
someday you'll say, "Oh yeah, I remember when Boysen posted something about Rustboy."
2002.10.28 | boysen
spent too much time today browsing but you get all the winners w/o wannabes.
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  • 2002.10.25 | boysen
    so, how long will it be before online gaming becomes a spectator sport?
    2002.10.21 | boysen
    whatever ails ya, the remedy is more cowbell.
    2002.10.20 | France
    BOBBY is in charge? i give up.
    2002.10.19 | Marion
    Well, tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas! I'll show Roo how to truly be Asian. I *WILL* win at Baccarat! So, in my leave (which is a full week) Bobby is in charge [insert evil grin here].
    2002.10.18 | boysen
    for those of you into spectator sports, *cough* *Survivor* *cough* *BigBrother* *cough* you might want to check out Animal Crossing. apparently, some folks have been known to "put off" real life in favor of an online video game. now that's just crazy.
    2002.10.17 | boysen
    actually, i think that Oviedo should be rewarded for their creative problem solving.
    2002.10.16 | Marion
    I hate Ameritech, they are the devil. If anyone gets the chance, DO NOT USE THEM, the company should not exist!
    2002.10.14 | boysen
    optical illusions demonstrated
    2002.10.14 | boysen
    MrsMar is a closet Air Supply fan.
    2002.10.14 | boysen
    in case you forgot, the Urban Legends website keeps track of all kinds of scams, including the I've Got a Fortune in Nigeria That I'd Like to Share with You scam.
    2002.10.7 | boysen
    for all you diehard MS-haters, here's what ZDNet thinks of Netscape 7. sounds pretty keen.
    2002.10.1 | boysen
    found out that Roo has been lying to us all this time. i really don't know what she has to be ashamed of.
    2002.10.1 | boysen
    for people who wonder where creativity comes from, a kickass designer wants to tell you.