2002.11.27 | Marion
Happy Thanksgibbing!
2002.11.27 | Marion
Back to politics... Have you ever noticed that Democrats are the most unhappy people you've ever met? I've been wondering why, and it hit me. They actually *know* that the crap they spout is a lie and even so, it's hard for them to stop saying it. You see, when you lie and people call you on it, you have no defense, so you get upset. Conservatives don't have that problem, because we are *right*
2002.11.27 | Marion
In other news...My daugter and I had this conversation the other day while she was in the living room and I was in the kitchen...
Gillian- "Daddy! Did you smell that sound?"
Me- "What?"
Gillian- "Did you smell that sound?"
Me- "What did it smell like?"
Gillian- "It smelled like my buns."
2002.11.27 | Marion
2002.11.26 | boysen
since i'm not the chief editor over at the NYTimes and i don't have my own talk radio show, i'm forced to use the clanberries website as my forum. so here goes:

For Freedom
I have a confession to make. I'm easily agitated. It's true. I've been this way for years now.

So when I hear about how Martha Burk thinks the Augusta National Country Club is somehow evil for not wanting women members I get sick to my stomach. I'm not being figurative. I literally feel ill.

How did our country get to the point where people who share something in common can't form their own group, club, company, whatever without being subversively branded as bastards, racists or worse?

This isn't racism. It's in no way the same thing as Jackie Robinson being denied access to Major League Baseball, as I've heard some people argue.

Let's go back to the basics with our good friend Dr. Seuss:
black skin
white skin
red skin
brown skin

this man has a lot of hair
this man has none up there

some men are tall
some men are small
so many sizes
men come in them all

but men are not women
and women are not men
they have different places
they have different plans

they do different tricks
and drive different cars
some are from venus
the others from mars
Well, you get the picture.

Racism in a public institution like baseball is nothing like men hanging out at the club without their wives.

Foes of Freedom
Recently our freedoms have been challenged by gays upsetting the apple cart for one of our nations most positive groups, the Boy Scouts. The homosexual movement wants greater access to our nation's youth. Nevermind that the Boy Scouts is a organization founded on certain principles, one of which is that homosexuality is perverse and harmful. (Good thing that the court got it right in BSA vs. Dale.)

If homosexuals truly want the same kind of camping, crafts, outdoor activities as the Boy Scouts, they should shut their mouths and start their own organization founded on principles they believe in. Then they can roast marshmallows around the campfire in their underware for all I care. Parents would then have a choice of groups to send little Jimmy. Aren't gays in favor of choice?

Dangerous Times
Now we have the homosexual movement lobbying Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Just today I learned that the board of directors caved to their demands and changed their policy to make sure homosexuals could participate in the lives of our most easily manipulated youth. I'm appalled.

The First Amendment gives us the right to peaceably assemble. As private citizens, we have the freedom to form groups and associate with people who share our beliefs.

To deny us those liberties, is simply un-American.
there. i feel a bit better now... actually, i think i feel worse.
2002.11.25 | boysen
great story about the evil addiction, that is Windows.
2002.11.25 | boysen
huh? has got it right!
2002.11.20 | boysen
Michael Sands is the guy resposible for all those annoying Orbitz pop-unders. you might want to let him know what you think about them.
2002.11.19 | boysen
now you can order a Segway at Amazon! weeeeee!

in a related note (not really, but i didn't want to do another post) did you hear about that sicko Jeffrey Jones? he's the principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. apparently, he likes to molest underage boys. i wonder if this is why Matthew Broderick never signed on for a Ferris 2?
2002.11.15 | boysen
are you sure you really know how to drive?
2002.11.14 | boysen
our cat died last night. it was one of the saddest things i've ever seen.
2002.11.13 | boysen
scary cool!
2002.11.13 | boysen
validation! vids do make me smarter.
2002.11.11 | boysen
it was bound to happen. Doom for your Nokia.
2002.11.4 | boysen
for all you driver-geeks, BMW has their iDrive system. i think the cell phone has new competition for the I Kill More Motorists Award.
2002.11.4 | boysen
so the next big thing is SmartPaper? how is this any different that the technology we've had for years in the Magna Doodle or Etch-a-Sketch? heck, Lite Brite even has color!